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May 16, 2008



Is there no way to pressure Wits to take action against the MSA for these actions?


Not at all. There is nothing at all to suggest that the MSA was behind the vandalism just like when the MSA wall was vandalised earlier last year, there was nothing to suggest that SAUJS were behind it.

Joel Pollak

This is an extremely worrying incident.

Castor Troye

Nevertheless, if the MSA was advocating strongly for graffiti to debate the conflict then they should distance themselves immediately. I would suggest some things:

The University should publically denounce such actions and institute a criminal investigation with the police (and make this publically known).

The SRC and SAUJS should work together in some sort of action against this, whether it is a public joint statement or a poster campaign to tackle such acts of bigotry.

If the culprits are found, they should be expelled from the University immediately, with a criminal record.

History has shown that if you dont take immediate action at Wits, then acts which seem disgusting at first slowly become tolerated and then become the norm over time.



You are on the money on this one. I think this is an occassion for the Jewish leadership to get tough. But I bet you anything u like that they will try sweep this one under the rug.


HI steve

I happened to talk to one of the guys in SAUJS who was dealing with this thing.

Apparently, under pressure from the palestinian lobby, the wits admin had to have a meeting before it was officially decided that one of the Swastikas was unacceptable. Interestingly though comments that claimed that the holocaust was exagerated by 5 million were deemed to be in the intrests of free speech.

The pil

In the interests of accuracy and fairness i would just like to correct some misconceptions. I am currently a student at wits and have been involved in campus politics for a few yaers. This ant-semitimism was not promoted by the MSA rather a another orginisation called the PSC (Palestinian Solidaritory Committe) was responsible, while it may be true that some members of the MSA belong to the PSC the PSC promotes itself as a student body that is open to all students of Wits who believe in a one state solution. It is this body that has created a climate of intolerance and lead to these dispicable actions

As a student i am disgusted by the sight of swastikas on a campus that, until now, as a jew I felt very comfortable to walk around in and wear a Yarmy. I may now reconsider wearing a Yarmy as after this incident i feel much less secure about openly displaying my jewish identity.


The writing is on the wall ...

Lion of Zion

Guys they will never be able to catch the guys who did this anti-semitic grafiti as their are no cameras by the places where the walls and bins are situated, saujs looked into it!

This is the problem unless the walls are monitored 24/7 which is impossible,

The only thing that can be done is for a lobby to be created to be put pressure on the PSC and its associate bodies to be removed from campus!

Its the only way to do this is to create a student lobby that includes jews and other non-jewish students that are against PSC propaganda and hate.


The retards couldn't even draw the swastika properly.
The pil, don't you dare remove your yarmi on campus. What better way to show that their intimidation tactics work, and make you seem ashamed of who you are - as if they were right.

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