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May 23, 2008



Why did the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition sign?
Odd considering that Iran and Libya back Mugabe.
I sent them an e mail informing them they have just lost my support.


How difficult is it to put out an add of equal size dispelling their lies and pointing out their duplicity? I can't imagine any valid excuse for not doing this.

Why not contact the Israeli embassy or something to do this?


nobody cares really, least of all the wimps at the SAJBD. And to be fair, I can't see any newspaper agreeing to publish an add that is pro-Israel and pro-truth, since the newspapers are riddled through with a de facto Jew-hatred from the editorial staff on down.


I dont think we realise just how serious this is. This is shocking! The tone and accusations...

It includes half the cabnet.


Yet the ANC whishes South Africa to be a non-partial mediator in the conflict. I can see how this will help to attain that goal.


What is dis-heartening is that our leadership continually makes out that they have such good relations with government and the ANC, to the extent that it is extolled in our media about their attendances at the Polokwane conference, only to have representatives from that ANC and Government continually take stances against not only Israel but the majority of our community who are Zionistic.

I feel it is the duty of our leadership to stop telling us that they are respected by government and prove it by getting government to show unequivically that it supports us and our interests, especially Israel.

Otherwise they must stop tryingto pull the wool over our eyes!


Lawrence, they really care about helping the Zimbabwean refugees, who could care less about them, and not about defending Israel against vicious lies in the South African press? Is this not more important than having anniversary celebrations?

It's important that there is a reply in the press against this. The best reply would point out (1) the falsehoods in the original advert, (2) that the Arabs started the conflict by waging a genocidal war against Israel, (3) that they continue to indoctrinate their children with hateful, racist propaganda, and (4) that the criticism is duplicitous.

Also, an image of klansmen draped in their white hoods, and Palestinian terrorists draped in their white hoods and suicide belts, with text like "Why support one and not the other?" or "What's the big difference?" could have an impact, especially if it documents the racism of Hamas et al.


The Citizen ran an excellent pro-Israel article celebrating 60 years subsequent to this letter appearing in the Citizen. It was written by Rolene Marks.

But its not about the press because they didnt choose to run it. It was a paid-for advert.


I sent a letter to The Citizen and the M&G in response to the hate petition.
I don't know ifd they will publish it but here it is anyway:
I refer to the racist and anti-Jewish petition against Israel which appeared in several newspapers in response to Israel's 60th Anniversary celebrations. signed by among others several Cabinet Ministers and the leaders of the ANC, SACP and COSATU, and those who claim to be concerned about human rights, entitled "We fought apartheid; we see no reason to celebrate it in Israel ".
Every one of you disgust me!

If you have any real humanity (and not just trendy support for the Palestinians) you will look at the faces of the victims of Arab terror at
For the last eight years Israel has been fighting for her very existence - against an enemy whose sole aim is to eliminate physically the entire Jewish population of the Land of Israel.
Thousands of Israeli Jewish men, women and children have died from bombs, bullets or knife attacks, and thousands of others have been maimed, blinded, orphaned, widowed and terrorized.

In 2003 on Erev Rosh Hashanah, seven month old Shaked Abraham was shot dead in her crib by an Arab murderer who forced his way into her parent's house as the family was celebrating the New Year.

A ten-month-old Jewish baby, Shalhevet Pass, was shot in her father's arms by an Arab sniper in 2001.

The following year, a five-year-old girl, Danielle Shefi, was shot to death at point blank range by an Arab killer, while cowering under her parents' bed.

That same year, two boys, four- and five-years old, where shot dead together with their mother as she read them a bedtime story, in a kibbutz, by Arab terrorists.

Children , like five year old Gal Eisenman , have been incinerated in buses by Arab homicide bombers.
In 2004 heavily pregnant Jewish mother Tali Hatuel , was shot to death at point blank range by terrorists of the Popular Resistance Committees , after which her four terrified small daughters-Hila, Hadar, Roni, and Merav-where executed one by one.
Many anti-Israel academics mirror the Nazis in their contempt for the life of Jewish children by their advocacy of the killing of Israeli children.

It seems you feel nothing for murdered Jewish women and children, turning around who are the victims and who are the perpetrators

It is the 'Palestinians' killing the Jews, in a bid to force them out of the Jewish homeland-not the other way around.

The Jewish people have thousands of years of being victimized and eventually have a state of our own.

After the Nazi Holocaust (perpetrated by most nations in Europe and not only Germans) , the UN decided to acknowledge the right of the Jewish people to a much reduced state from the 1920 Palestine mandate promised to the Jews by Britain. Already 75% of Palestine was cut off in 1922 to create the State of Jordan. But that wasn't enough for the Arabs who attacked defenseless Jewish communities who had been residing in the Holy Land for thousands of years (Hebron for example has had successive Jewish populations for thousands of years without any break until 1948 when they where expelled by Jordanian troops aided by 'Palestinian' mobs), although there are powerful forces which aim to make the historic Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria Judenreihn).
Then what was left of the Jewish Biblical homeland was again divided giving the Jewish people only 12 % of the land which rightfully belonged to us.

The Jews accepted the settlement but the Arabs did not. At this time 600 000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries amid violent pogroms not unlike those perpetrated previously by the Nazis in Europe.

In response to the creation of the tiny fledgling state 7 Arab armies attacked Israel together with the 'Palestinian' Arabs led by one of Hitler's key henchmen in carrying out the Holocaust -the mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini.

The Arabs were defeated amidst great loss of life of Jews but still the Jewish State held out the hand of peace to the Arabs. The Arabs have repeatedly determined to wipe out Israel and attacked the tiny Jewish homeland without any provocation, and to describe the 1948 War of Independence were 7 Arab armies descended on Israel, bent on genocide of her Jews, as Israeli agression is like referring to Poland and Czechoslovakia as the aggressors in 1938/39 when invaded by Hitler . In defending herself, Israel retook the lands that have from time immemorial been the heartland of the Jewish people -Judea and Samaria, and Jews with joy returned to these lands.

Since 1964 when the Nazi PLO was created thousands of Jewish men, women and children died at the hands of Palestinian terror.

In 2000 Ehud Barak offered 95% of Judea and Samaria and the whole of Gaza to Arafat's PA, as well as more land in 'pre-1967 Israel?. Arafat and his PLO responded with a war of terror to drive the Jews into the sea.
After Israel withdrew from Gaza as a peacer gesture to the Palestinians, Gaza's Hamas rulers launched thousands of deadly rockets at Jewish population centers in which hundreds of Jewish men, women and children were killed and injured.
The signatories of the petition against Israel have not expressed any regret about the thousands of Jewish women and children incinerated by Palestinian terror organizations. Perhaps that is because they do not see Jews as human? Do they want Israel to sit by idly while mothers and children are blown to bits in Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels and Synagogues, or Jewish schools targeted by Hamas Kassam and Katyusha rockets from Gaza. Well we will never again walk quietly to the gas chambers .We will react when our men, women and children are killed in cold blood and we will hold on to what belongs to us and the hysteria of the antisemites of whatever stripe will not deter us.

Even though the Palestnianists will continue to work towards our destruction, they will not succeed.

Israel is our home and we are not going anywhere.
G-D Bless the State of Israel on the joyous occassion of the 60th anniversary of her rebirth.

Gary Selikow

Castor Troye

Gary, good article and an emotionally driven one too that gets my emotions going. However, sensing your audience is key in winning a debate. M&G and Citizen readers don't really care about Jewish history and national pride. Why should they if the readers generally are not Jewish.

Perhaps, a more balanced and fact based argument breaking down each and every accusation, one for one in an objective manner would be more effectual. There is a difference in making oneself heard and winning a debate.


I have sent a re-edited copy to both papers where I have replaced "Israel is our home and we are not going anywhere". with "Israeli Jews are also entitled to human rights."

Wessel van Rensburg (aka Mhambi, aka Wildebees)

"The logic is quite simple. The ANC (rightly) hates supporters of South African apartheid. If they believe that Israel is an apartheid state then they will hate Israel and its supporters. So if you are a Zionist, let it be known, the ANC officially hates you and would probably prefer it if you left South Africa. If there was no affluence in the local Jewish community, I wonder whether we would still have our place in the South African sun?"

This is not logic guys. How can you infer that they would probably prefer that you all leave?

Get a sense of perspective. Jeez. Gary goes on about the murders in Israel. There's no accurate tally but it's been suggested that more than 2000 farmers have been killed in this country since 1994.

You guys are not half as threatened as Afrikaners are and your going on as if the world has ended. If I was you I'd concentrate on defending what you have already achieved - Israel - by making some justified concessions and ignore the ANC.

At the rate things are going now your going to be a minority in your own country and you'll be screwed. Get rid of the illegal settlements for your own sake.


Have you noticed that the letter entitled “We fought apartheid; we see no reason to celebrate it in Israel now!" looks like it has been cobbled together by a semi-illiterate South African? Ignoring the content, linguistically it is a matric F.

I note that the "academic", Steven Friedman, has signed it. Obviously, he isn't too bothered about putting his name to such shoddy work!

I am nearly tempted to rewrite it for them.

(Interesting Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki , Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu have failed to sign it. Why hasn't it been endorsed by The FXI ?)


People of all colours and all faiths should get out of South Africa if they have the chance to do so.
The current SA regime has about as much concern for the well being of the population as the military junta in Burma have for their nationals.


According to David Saks (SAJBD) on his "I don't want to upset the apple cart" Thought Leader blog there really isn't any antisemitism in South Africa.We have absolutely nothing to worry about. Most grafitti can be washed away. Alternatively, a Jew can always avert his eyes as he walks by.

So ironically enough, whilst I have recommended that all colours and faiths "get the... out", perhaps the Jews should stay? If the Zionist dream cannot work in Israel, perhaps it can succeed in South Africa? Wasn't Uganda once touted as a prospective Jewish homeland?


Does anybody know what process is undertaken for The ANC when they"endorse" a letter? Is it a lengthy procedure?
I have a whole load of material which they might want to "endorse" and I would be obliged if anybody can tell me how I should get their stamp of approval. Should I just rock up at Luthuli House or should I email copies to The ANC?
I suppose I could always ask Ronno Einstein....


Interestingly last week's issue of Jewish Report had a photo of SA Gvt minister Ms Thoko Didiza wishing Israel well on Yom Ha'atzmaut with the Israeli Ambassador to SA .Also mentioning bilateral SA/ISRAEL trade up to 7 billion per year.

Is ANC willing to lose advantageous trade by cutting relations?I doubt it,but what do you guys think?


Wessel, the anti-Israel lobby continually hammers away about Palestinian casualties in the jihad that the Palestinians are pressing on with against Israel.
Reading the South African media youi would't know that there have been many Israeli casualties.
Why have you never asked the pro-Palestinian lobby to get perspective.

Also the aim of the anti-Israel lobby is the murder of every Jew in Israel to the last child.
Do you really think they care about shoddy journalism, when insanely bent on destroying a nation and a people, Anthony?


Wessel, the anti-Israel lobby continually hammers away about Palestinian casualties in the jihad that the Palestinians are pressing on with against Israel.
Reading the South African media youi would't know that there have been many Israeli casualties.
Why have you never asked the pro-Palestinian lobby to get perspective.

Also the aim of the anti-Israel lobby is the murder of every Jew in Israel to the last child.
Do you really think they care about shoddy journalism, when insanely bent on destroying a nation and a people, Anthony?

Wessel van Rensburg (aka Mhambi, aka Wildebees)

Mr Dictator says: "People of all colours and all faiths should get out of South Africa if they have the chance to do so."

Afrikaners are unlikely to be handed a state somewhere else. This country is all we have.

We have a language based identity, not religion. If we emigrate, after one or two generations the identity will be lost.

You have a country and a religion to fall back on and a great friend in the USA.

Gary asks:
>Why have you never asked the pro-Palestinian lobby to get perspective.

I have Gary on many occasions defended Israel as the only democracy, flawed perhaps, but still in the Middle-East.

> Reading the South African media youi would't know that there have been many Israeli casualties.

I read about Israeli casualties. I'm very sympathetic to your cause, but from where I'm sitting your shooting yourself in the foot.



Thank for intellectual comments. Too often critics of Israel on this blog are irrational anarchists and so it is pleasant to engage in intellectual debate.

You suggest that Israel needs to make difficult concessions. I assume you mean in order to achieve peace. I agree and so does almost every single Israeli and Jew. Here's the catch....there is absolutely no evidence that such concessions will result in peace, only the opposite. Every time Israel has conceded land or weapons or political control over to the "Palestinians" the violence and terrorism has only increased. I urge you not be believe me but to look at the statistics yourself. The wave of suicide bombings began immediately after Oslo - the vey agreement that recognised the PLO and the "need" to cede land for peace. The more land they got, the bombings they had. The second intifada started after they were offered everything they were asking for other than the right of return (and 4% of Judea and Samaria, which was to be compensated with an equal amount of pre-67 Israel). Israel has lived up to its Oslo obligations, the "Palestinians" have not. In 2005 we removed thousands of Jews from the homes in Gaza, giving absolute control overt to the Palestinians, the result, southern Israel has been hit by 1000's of rockets, sometimes up to 40 per day.

"Palestinian" children are still taught in school to hate Israel, martyrdom is a goal, an ideal, members of all the terrorist groups walk freely in "Palestinian" controlled areas.

The PLO was formed in 1963, 4 years before Israel took control of Gaza and Judea and Samaria. The stated gaol was to destroy Israel. The "Palestinians" hatred of Israel has nothing to do with territory or freedom, it is a religious imperative.

Illegal settlements (and they are only illegal because of recent laws instituted under pressure from supporters of ceding land) are not an obstacle to peace. They have had no effect on the "peace-process" whatsoever. They are, however, vital in strengthening Israels security in these areas. The settlement of these open, uninhabited areas increases Jewish presence and makes those already existing towns less isolated and so more protected from attacks.

In short Wessels, making concessions to those still sworn to destroy us has achieved nothing in the past and is achieving nothing now - what makes you so sure that it will achieve anything in the future.


You write that Afrikaners "have a language based identity" which would be lost by emigrating. If that is the case, it might be better to lose your culture rather than your life?
Btw,does anybody know why Cosatu hasn't endorsed the letter?


You write that Adam Habib is a "public intellectual". Has he written any books that anybody reads? He might have a Phd but I don't think that Habib can be considered to be an "intellectual". The same applies to Steven Friedman.


ahhh... the warm cosy, and yet somehow inadequate blanket of cognitive dissonance ...

"Ironically, the letter fails in what it sets out to achieve. I can count less than 20 top ANC members who have signed the letter, many of them resigned to the post-Polokwane political wilderness. I imagine that all senior ANC members were asked to sign their name to the letter; most of them obviously refused. "


The most criminal amongst them all is the SAJBD who continually assures the SA jewish community that all is well. And the most foolish amongst them all are the SA Jews that believe them.


WEssel, you write that "a great friend in the USA"

We can hardly rely on US support, given the US track record of abandoning allies when expedient to do so.
Look at how they abandoned the South Vietnamese in the early 70' and betrayed the Shah of Iran in 1979.

Anyaway the USA have pressured us to give up Gaza from which Hamas has been attacking us and is pressuring us to give up the wEst Banka nd Golan, which will put us back into what Abba Eban once describes as "Aushcwitz borders" to an enemy sworn to our destruction.

And if Obama gets in, it will be Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran that have a great friend in the USA.


Have you no faith in the Kahn/Krengel duo? Did they not invite Lekota to the SAJBD conference? Have they not asked him to do backing vocals on their latest re-release of "Bridge over troubled waters"?


Why have so few of Ronno Einstein's "Not in My Name" names actually signed his latest letter? Have they fallen by the way-side or has he lost their contact details.
One might conclude that "Not in My Name" is now officially defunct.


I note that "Not in My Name" has endorsed the letter but it still seems odd that so few have actually signed it. Why hasn't Anton Harber, for instance, signed it? Wasn't he a "Not in My Name" signature?
I wonder what procedure Ronno Einstein used to determine whether "Not in My Name" endorsed the latest letter? Did he take a vote? Is "Not in My Name" a democratic pressure group or is it run by a dictator??


I have emailed...

Dear Prof Harber,

I refer you to the following....

Were you approached by The Minister of Intelligence to sign “We fought apartheid; we see no reason to celebrate it in Israel now!” ?
blacklisted dictator


"South African Jews Polarized Over Israel"
Anti-Racism Leaders Equate Country's Treatment of Palestinians to Apartheid

By Jon Jeter
Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, December 19, 2001;

JOHANNESBURG, Dec. 18 -- It is a brief document, occupying less than half a page in a local newspaper here. But since the "declaration of conscience" was published 10 days ago, it has polarized South African Jews like no issue since the collapse of white-minority rule seven years ago.

Written by two Jewish heroes of South Africa's liberation struggle against the white government's apartheid system, and signed by 220 Jews, the document asserts that Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories is the cause of the escalating violence in the Middle East and denounces Israel's campaign of violence. Titled "Not In My Name," the declaration acknowledges Israel's right to exist and its valid security concerns but compares Israel's treatment of Palestinians to the oppression of South Africa's black majority under apartheid.

"It becomes difficult," Ronnie Kasrils and Max Ozinsky write, "particularly from a South African perspective, not to draw parallels with the oppression experienced by Palestinians under the hand of Israel and the oppression experienced in South Africa under apartheid rule."

The document has triggered a raging debate among South Africa's 80,000 Jews that many here said is unrivaled in the years since South Africans of all races went to the polls for the first time and abolished apartheid. Lifelong friends have stopped speaking to one another. Supporters and critics have fired off hundreds of letters to newspaper editorial pages, each more emotional than the last. Dinner parties have ended abruptly following terse exchanges, and Kasrils and Ozinsky have been labeled both traitors and patriots.

Stephen Friedman, one of the declaration's signatories and executive director of the Center for Policy Studies here, said: "There's never been a debate in the South African Jewish community quite like this. This is raw stuff."

Wessel van Rensburg (aka Mhambi, aka Wildebees)

Brett, thanks for an insightful post.

All I can say, thats its unfortunate but better for a state to live under the constant threat of suicide bombings that for jews becoming a minority in their own state which could easily lead to an unsustainable apartheid state.

Mr. Dictator I'm sorry to say seems a bit, shall we say... stupid.

"Afrikaners "have a language based identity" which would be lost by emigrating. If that is the case, it might be better to lose your culture rather than your life? "

Thats a weird thing to say coming form a jew, a very weird thing. (If you are jewish.)


No need to apologize. Ad hominem attacks are welcome.
There are thousands of Afrikaners who have emigrated and are livng safely abroad. You should seriously think about following them.
If speaking Afrikaans is the be all and end all of your culture/existence, then you should perhaps have a re-think about the meaning of your life. However, I have a clever solution to your dilemma..learn Dutch and emigrate to Amsterdam. It is a great city. Much better than Pretoria or Stellenbosch.

Wessel van Rensburg (aka Mhambi, aka Wildebees)

There is of course a huge difference to saying an identity depends on a language than saying that it is all people get from belong to it. Can you grasp that? Your statement is extremely insulting. Perhaps you can't see the point if being Afrikaans, and perhaps it won't be a loss to you if the planet looses an identity.

Afrikaners by the way are not unique in that way. It happens to the Portuguese, the Germans, the Indians, the Irish, when they move to country like the US that after 3 generations the identity is lost. But of course for the aforementioned it is not an issue. Because they have Ireland etc.


You should develop a thicker white skin.
If being Afrikaans is "more than a language", what else does it include?
I supposes, it is primarily direct contact with other Afrikaners in South Africa?
The question still unfortunately arises whether Afrikaners have a sustainable future in South Africa. I believe that they don't. As I have previously stated all colours and all faiths should make plans to get out.
(The current refugee problem is, btw, symptomatic of a society that has broken down.)


Would it be a loss to me if this planet lost the Afrikaans culture?
I think that you should put this question in context. Many many cultures
are being lost annually throughout the world. It is a sad fact of life.


Perhaps you are correct and I was too dramatic. I questioned myself during the post. It was very emotionally driven. Thanks for the feedback.

Still, the ruling party has deemed our ideological positions to be illegitimate and even criminal.

In a country where there are enough other problems forcing all of us to consider our future, it could be the last straw to push many of us out. Whether they intend it or not.

They are aligning themselves with peddlers of hate and incitement.

With respect, I dont think many of the names on the petition mean much to you. You couldn't possibly know.

It is intimidating and threatening. But I didnt mean to infer that 'the world has ended.'

Your other point is not really relevant to this topic but anyways. Briefly, my position is different to Brett's and its a position I get tons of criticism for.

I agree that the illegal settlements must be dimantled. I agree that we need to reach an agreement or otherwise make unilateral moves. I support Olmert in his initiative to relinquish 92% of the West Bank and use land swaps to make up for the 8% to be retained for the massive LEGAL settlement blocs and security reasons.

(Incidentally, the PLO has just turned this offer done as reported by Haaretz two days ago.)

I think we need to make these moves even in the absence of full confidence that there will be peace.

I wrote an article in a religious Zionist magazine in SA prior to the Gaza disengagement trying to convince the Jewish community of why we need to leave Gaza and massive parts of the West Bank. Unfortunately, it does look like I have been proven wrong.

Anyways, why should my position on this affect my disdain for the ANC standing alongside people who want Israel utterly destroyed?



I like Steve and extremely concerned about the demographic threat that holding onto the territories poses to the Jewish and democratic character of Israel. But I find your logic naïve and false. Unfortunately as recent history has shown this conflict can not be solved unilaterally by Israel. Pulling out of every inch of the West Bank like Israel did in Gaza will not create peace. The Palestinians also have to take some responsibility for the future. This would require relinquishing their claim to Israel proper and refraining from violence. How long will Israel survive if it was to be under constant rocket attack like Sederot?

I disagree with Anthony. I don’t think Afrikaners have a clear choice between physical survival and national survival. I think that logic is a little simplistic. But I do think the outlook for Afrikaner culture is bleak. The major problem is how closely intertwined it was to the state. How many private Afrikaans schools are there for example? Judaism survived for 2000 years without a state through strong communal institutions. I just don’t really see (though a may be wrong) that Afrikaners are trying to build their own cultural organizations.


Mike and Wessel,
Ironic that so many of the stalwarts of Afrikaner nationalism (the old Nats during apartheid) have taken no interest in Afrikaans culture in the post apartheid era. They have, I think, already gone to Oz. Frederik van Zyl Slabbert talked about this at the Gt Pk synagogue a while ago.

I also think it is nonsense to try and compare Afrikaners to Jews.

Jews and Afrikaners who believe that they and their grandchildren have a long-term future in South Africa are taking one hell of a gamble.

My logic might be "simplistic", "stupid" and "insulting" but it is, unfortunately....correct !


It is interesting that some of the people of the people on that list are all to happy to deal with "the zionists" when they pitch carrying blankets and food for displaced immagrants.

I have just been reading a book on the fight against facsisim in post-war England. What you strikes you most is the amount of help the Jews got from ordinary English people and sectors of the society such as the communisists and trade unions. Looking at this list one wonders which sectors of South African society Jews need to be looking to for friends.


I don't think that the SAJBD is "dealing" with the people on the list when it "pitches carrying blankets and food for displaced immagrants."|

It certainly, moreover, is not dealing with Ronno Einstein whose "intelligence" service did nothing to stop the xenophobic attacks.


"The letter is also riddled with lies, spreading the myth for example, that 93% of the land in Israel is reserved for Jewish use."

It's true: 93 percent of land in Israel IS reserved for Jewish use. This includes state lands and other 'national lands'. Only 7 percent of the land can be privately owned.


Elon, But both Arabs and Jews are allowed to lease government (not JNF) owned land. So its not for exclusive Jewish use. You could make the same comment about England where most fo the land belongs to the crown and is leased on a 99 year basis.


Of course, Mike is correct. The Israeli Land Administration (ILA) administers 93.5% of land in Israel. 13.5% of that is owned by the JNF and 80% owned by the state. The remainder 6.5% is privately owned.

Owned by the state does not equal reserved for Jewish use.

Elon, I think you referring to Jordan?

1973, under the direct instructions of King Hussein, the government of Jordan passed the Law for Preventing the Sale of Immoveable Property to the Enemy — with the "enemy" defined in Article 2 as:

... any man or judicial body [corporation] of Israeli citizenship living in Israel or acting on its behalf.

Under Article 4 of this law any Jordanian citizen who sold land in Jordan or the West Bank to the "enemy" faced the death penalty and forfeiture of all his property — moveable and immoveable — to the state:

(A) The sale of immoveable property against the provisions of this law constitutes a crime against state security and well being, punishable by death, and the confiscation of all the culprit's immoveable and moveable possessions.
(B) If the crime is committed by a judicial body the punishment will be exacted from the persons who committed the crimes on behalf of this judicial body, and the judicial body will have its registration cancelled.

In addition, under Article 3 the sale of land to any alien (ie., someone who is either non- Jordanian or non-Arab) without permission from the Council of Ministers became a security offense, again punishable by death.

According to PA Attorney General Khaled Al-Qidreh, 172 people had been sentenced to death under this law (Palestine Report, 6 June 1997). Amnesty International reported that as of 1988 many of the convictions were in absentia and there had been no executions (Jordan: Human Rights Protections After the State of Emergency, Amnesty International, 1990).

However, in a recent press conference PA Justice Minister Meddein stated that 10 violators of the law had been executed (Los Angeles Times, 1 June 1997).


Hi Guys

On the list there appears a group called groundworks, I have never heard of them. It appears also that google hasnt either. There is a groundwork but it seems to be more enviromental and less political,. Anyone got any idea who they are?


No never heard of them.


I spoke to a not-in-my-name signatory a while a ago and she said that a number of them were angry at Rono for the way that she felt that that the document had been manipulated. Perhaps it could account for some of the names not being there. On the other hand perhaps some people did not sign simply because representitves from organisations they support already had. Not that it actually matters either way, as long as Rono and Max are still able to hold a pen "not-in-my-name" will be seen as some kind of dynamic organisation.


Just for the record, Prof Anton Harber (Not in My Name) did not respond to my email asking whether he had declined to sign the latest letter.

I have to conclude that " Not in My Name" is now defunct and is just an extension of Ronno Einstein's ego.


It seems extremely doubtful that Chomsky, if asked, would have put his name to Kasril's recent "60th" letter comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa. He says that "there can be no clear answer as to whether the analogy is appropriate."

Barat: The word apartheid is more and more often used by NGO's and charities to describe Israel's actions towards the Palestinians (in Gaza, the OPT but also in Israel itself). Is the situation in Palestine and Israel comparable to Apartheid South Africa?

Noam Chomsky: There can be no definite answer to such questions.  There are similarities and differences.  Within Israel itself, there is serious discrimination, but it's very far from South African Apartheid.  Within the occupied territories, it's a different story.  In 1997, I gave the keynote address at Ben-Gurion University in a conference on the anniversary of the 1967 war.  I read a paragraph from a standard history of South Africa.  No comment was necessary.
Looking more closely, the situation in the OT differs in many ways from Apartheid.  In some respects, South African Apartheid was more vicious than Israeli practices, and in some respects the opposite is true.  To mention one example, White South Africa depended on Black labor.  The large majority of the population could not be expelled.  At one time Israel relied on cheap and easily exploited Palestinian labor, but they have long ago been replaced by the miserable of the earth from Asia, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere.    Israelis would mostly breathe a sigh of relief if Palestinians were to disappear.   And it is no secret that the policies that have taken shape accord well with the recommendations of Moshe Dayan right after the 1967 war : Palestinians will "continue to live like dogs, and whoever wishes may leave." More extreme recommendations have been made by highly regarded left humanists in the United States, for example Michael Walzer of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton and editor of the democratic socialist journal Dissent, who advised 35 years ago that since Palestinians are "marginal to the nation," they should be "helped" to leave.  He was referring to Palestinian citizens of Israel itself, a position made familiar more recently by the ultra-right Avigdor Lieberman, and now being picked up in the Israeli mainstream.  I put aside the real fanatics, like Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, who declares that Israel never kills civilians, only terrorists, so that the definition of "terrorist" is "killed by Israel"; and Israel should aim for a kill ratio of 1000 to zero, which means "exterminate the brutes" completely.  It is of no small significance that advocates of these views are regarded with respect in enlightened circles in the US, indeed the West.   One can imagine the reaction if such comments were made about Jews.
  On the query, to repeat, there can be no clear answer as to whether the analogy is appropriate.

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