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April 08, 2008



Only a week ago, the venomous hatemonger Stalinist-supreme ,Kasrils, had a letter published in The Star, which I responded to , and in which i mentioned some of the Arab atrocities against Jews in Israel but The Star ignored it.
Now they publish this vomit.
So they publish Kasril's vile accusations against Israel but refuse to publish my letter on Arab atrocities against Jews.
Now why will they not publish anything on Arab atrocities against Jews?


Gary, I don't follow the letters in The Star but my gut feeling when I read your letter (which Gary posted in a comment here) was that it had no chance to be published because it was just too long. I wouldn't have known where to even start reading it.

Shorter letters have a better chance of being printed.

Furthermore, The Star typically avoids letters on the Middle East, except when the author is Kasrils of course.

In sum, your letter had zero chance because
a - too long
b - on the Middle East
c - not authored by Kasrils

Perhaps you should sign your name "Ronnie Kasrils Minister for Intelligence Services" to stand a decent chance?

Kasrils' article was an op-ed; not a letter. But even op-ed's typically do not receive a whopping full page like Kasrils received.

There is a clear bias here - either against Israel or against normal perons with normal profiles - in getting opinion pieces published.


d - you are Jewish
e - everyone knows that Jews lie
f - any pro-Israel talk is clearly Zionist propoganda


g - Israel is an apartheid state and can't be defended
h - Israeli's do NOT rape Palestinian women. This is racist.
i - Israel exists. This is a problem.
j - Jews exist. This is a bigger problem.


Maybe the problem is that we are just too tame.
After all when Arabs and Moslems are enraged by articles that are far milder than this, they issue bloody threats and embark on violent and histrionic protests.
when we do have the occasional march or rally it is lovy-dovy and tame.
Maybe we need more curry in our diet, but perhaps if we reacted the same way as the Moslems then the media would be less inclined to publish such hateful agitprop.
It all boils down to the quote by |Yeats that "The best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity."
As for the HRC ruling that Kasril's vomit is not hate speech, the HRC is in the hands of the ANC/SACP as much as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is hands of the ZANU PF.
Neither of these 'independent institutions' can be relied upon to give a fair ruling.

Kasrils should no very well about slicing open the stomachs of pregnant women as this was the exactly what (mainly Jewish-born) Bolsheviks did to Russian and Ukrainian women under Lenin.


Kasrils should no very well about slicing open the stomachs of pregnant women as this was the exactly what (mainly Jewish-born) Bolsheviks did to Russian and Ukrainian women under Lenin.

Kasrils should grow a beard and move to Gaza. He would be in his element with his Hamas buddies firing rockets into Israel

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