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April 02, 2008



Great, I only wish I could be there. Over here in the U.S. I've been to too many meetings where any alternatives weren't even allowed to be discussed on the floor. Annapolis must go, the 2-state approach must go--I'll get back to you with a list of alternative suggestions for you to consider. I, too, am outraged by the stranglehold of the Commentary, neocon, democracy's-the-solution establishment--and establishment it is.


I think (sadly) it doesn't need the question mark. The only thing to come out of Annapolis was a statement of "joint understanding". Since Hamas boycotted this seems even more meaningless than normal.

As a suggestion I put forward an idea floated by the historian Alistair Horne cut out the priests. Marginalize the mullahs using economics. Just an idea for what its worth.

I hope this doesn't become personal and they stick to the question. I'm sure Avrom Krengel (chairman of the SAZF) will have his work cut out for him.I wont be able to make it but look forward to you blogging about it.


There are a couple of good events on that week. On the Tuesday there is a talk on the legal status of Jerusalem.

I hope to make both events.


I certainly am apprehensive about anything with Dennis Davis who has defended Ronnie Kasrils, described Steven Friedman as one of the SA Jewish community's 'greatest minds, accused us Zionists of having a racist hatred against Palestinians, and said that Israel must apologize to the Palestinians before there can be any talk of peace.
The man is another Jewish Quisling.

Joel Pollak

I am disgusted by the poster for the event. Some years ago we considered it a vile, anti-Semitic act for Rasool and the ANC to hang posters of blood-spattered Israeli flags around Cape Town. Of course this poster is for a different purpose but its graphic nature is totally unwarranted and offensive. I am surprised that David and Krengel would allow this to go through.


How I wish you were right Benjamin that a "joint understanding" was the only thing to come out of Annapolis. Unfortunately, the rush is on--right away Condi appointed the anti-Israel Gen. James Jones as "monitor," a failed attempt to turn Annapolis into international law by immediately submitting it to the UNSecurity Council, followed by talk of foreign troops in Gaza, $7.2 billion rather than the $5 billion the Palis asked for in Paris, the Gaza infiltration, enormous one-sided concessions (including arms and training) of the Palis, and open admission that final status issues are being negotiated. No, there's no stopping Condi and Jones. Israel's being raped.


Joel, I agree. I think the poster is in very bad taste. Don't know how they agreed to it.


Who cares what Messrs Davis, Goldstein and Hughes think about the peace process??
If you have a spare R50, give it to the guy at the traffic lights and ask him for an opnion re Annapolis.
Or, of course, you could always give just R5 and ask 10 different guys what they think, and by doing so, get a wider cross section.

Unfortunately, my views about Annapolis are so interesting/profound/relevant/ important that I am not prepared to reveal them to anyone.


Might be that the poster went out without anybody thinking about it??
Which, of course, suggests that my concerns about the relevance of the evening are justified.
Sorry to have just won another argument.


Anthony, why do you think the evening is not relevant? Do you think it is not important for us to engage with what is happening in the Middle East?


I hope that this doesn't sound offensive/dismissive/rude but I don't think that the panel are particularly insightful with regard to Middle East politics.

Q: Is it important for us to "engage" with what is happening in The Middle East?
A: Up to a point. But I really don't believe that my views or your views or
David Davis's views have any bearing on the matter. I would, however, pay R150 to hear Condi rice or Tony Blair because they are actually involved in the peace process.


Anthony, perhaps we are all involved? Or, at least all Israelis are. The success of a leaders decisions to a large extent depends on the degree to which their people buy into and accept their decisions. So debate is necessary.


I like a good debate. Especially with Ronno Einstein.
Unfortunately, I can't see any solution to the Israeli/ Palestinain conflict and I don't see any way that the matter can go forward. Of course, this shouldn't stop other people from discussing the issues. I just think it is a waste of time.
Moreover, I don't think that the panel will be particularly illuminating.

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