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April 29, 2008



I think David's column really emerged from the massive fall-out over Jarred Cinman's "Let's talk about the Jews."
However , I have also wondered whether David should have accepted a Thought Leader blog, especially when one bears in mind that The M&G has recently been giving a platform to antisemites.

Marlon we have the Jewish board playing nice with the mail & guardian & their director uses the platform to bretend SA is all that.


Thought Leader's editorial guidelines do not allow "racist " comments.
Hoewever, the following comment has not been deleted and suggests that the M&G is willing to give a platform to antisemites:

” Killing millions apparently isn´t something that worries the minds of the Zionist leadership as their ideology teaches them that they are “the chosen people”, the master race - an ideology where the rest of the world are “goyim”, expendable sub-humans, i.e. non-Jews - to which the Jewish bible prophecises complete destruction if they resist the Jewish God´s promise of complete Jewish domination.”


I have referred to this comment on Michael Trapido's blog about "humanitarian racism" and the following were posted and published in response...

Hello Blacklisted.
I’d like to enquire - are the comments made above, (which you say are anti-semetic)true or false?
i.e do Jews feel they are superior? does the Torah say they are? does it say anyone who opposes jews will be destroyed? do the Zionist leaders kill millions of people?

If it is true, is it anti-semetic? If it is false, then of course you should stand up against it. But let us not make the mistake of thinking that taking offence to a statement made about your own, is an unfair attack. If it is a factual statement, let it be.
But of course i can’t give the answer because i’m not privy to the ins of the jewish religion & culture.
Dawn on April 29th, 2008 at 12:48 pm


he he. Good points you make. Text to justify the above are found aplenty in the Talmud, and from the mouths of Israeli leaders. The quote in reference was made about Israeli leaders stating that they would launch nukes as a first strike if they were losing a conventional war. So does killing millions worry them? Is this a nation the world should allow to own nukes?

The fact that they get offended when confronted with their own writings and rhetoric just proves ‘the truth hurts’.

I guess to refer to jewish writings and utterances is ‘anti-semitic’. Yet afrikaners must apologise for skielik etc.
Consulting Engineer on April 29th, 2008 at 2:32 pm


Blacklist forwarded this URL to me.

I am a proud Orthodox Jew - I receive many many unkind (to put it mildly) comments. Comments are left to the editors.

Thought Leader is not anti-semitic.

Maybe being a criminal attorney acting for some our most violent geniuses has thickened my skin.

Great website guys.


If Thought Leader is not antisemitic, why does the editor allow repulsive antisemitic comments which are clearly in breach of the editorial guidelines?


Traps responded via email:

"I am openly proudly Orthodox and tell my readers as much.

If you want to query editing comments policy please ask someone else."

Well... it seems like The Blacklisted Dictator floored him ! Has it occurred to the thick-skinned criminal attorney that the "editing comments policy" is antisemitic ?

Wessel van Rensburg

Here is another SA jewish blog form a .

Wessel van Rensburg

Oops, that did not come out right,

Here is another SA jewish blog form a 'Boere jodin'

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