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March 25, 2008




We debate whether Zap is anti-semitic or not unitl the cows come home. Indeed one could argue that we have. However I think this is a little easier. One wonders whether the writer was pressed for time? Perhaps he just just took the nearest "Elders of Zion" from the shelf and replaced the word "Elder" with SAJBOD or Kirsh wherever it appeared.


Ya, I think it will take less than 100 comments to agree here.


I assume Johnnie Q will be lobbying for local mosques and the SA Hezbulla Chapter to ensure affirmative action quota's are met with respect to a few token Jews on their board too.

I expect he'll also have his column ready to justify their lynching in terms of some nifty "colonial", "imperial" or "black/white" leftist groupthink tripe.


Give credit to Jon Q where it is due... that statement is one of the most insightful that I have heard to date. Obviously the Jews run everything - that much is evident. It was oh so very clever of him to realize that the SAJBOD is the South African chapter of the Elders.
The Jews don't only run Primedia... they also run SABC, Johnnic, IOL, Touchline, NBC, Sky, CNN, BBC, ABC, Fox, not to mention Al Jazeera and You Magazine.


How is the Shekhel trading viv a vis the Rand ? Is it worth buying the Shekel and selling the Rand ?
As Jews surely we might be able to make some money here ? Currency speculation is our forte andwe should certainly do our best to make a quick buck.



Jews even run IT'S ALMOST SUPERNATURAL ! In time they might also run The FXI.... especially if it gets fixed. ( btw, Jane Duncan actually went to King David so it is possible that she might be getting some Shekels/ Dhirans as well.)

Is "grandstanding frauds" something that happens at Turfontein race-course?

Is the Kirsch shekel trading at the same rate as the Israeli shekel? If there is a margin, Jews might be able to make more quick bucks and undermine the SA banking system.


1 Israeli shekel = 0.285258 U.S. dollars

Buy shekels, sell dollars ?

Its about time Mike/Steve started giving their readers some yid-style "get rich quick" advice!


I am afraid shorting the rand is a good bet in any currency at the moment. The Shekel has had a massive run. It might be over bought.


If your advice is taken and losses are made, will you recompense regular bloggers?


Of course all advice is followed at readers own risks. Perhaps I should also add that I am not FACE compliant. Perhpas that why this is a politcal and not a finanical blog.


A pity!
I prefer win-win speculation.

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