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March 12, 2008



Take a chill-pill.
I can promise you that there is nothing to worry about.
Jacob Zuma has spoken to the Chief Rabbi at Investec ! Are you suggesting that the meeting was a waste of time??

Castor Troye

Blacklisted Dictator, I was not present at the Zuma/Chief Rabbi talk but anyone can see from the transcript that the speech was written by an ANC ghost writer and obviously not Zuma himself. I have no doubt, Zuma has a standard speech when he addresses the comrades at COSATU and their puppeteers, the PSC.

Zuma told us what we want to hear and I trust he tells his real backers what they want to hear as well

Castor Troye

Oh and by the way, a socialist republic doesnt have resources to spend on innovations such as the naturally, COSATU, in the spirit of their actual progress, most probably use Windows 95 and Netscape Explorer when designing their internet page.


I still can't believe that the Chief Rabbi invited Zuma to Investec. I think, when it is properly analysed, that the meeting might go down as one of the worst moments in post- apartheid South African Jewish history.

Castor Troye

Not to digress from the point, but Blacklisted raised an interesting thought. Our Jewish community leaders have made a dash for the ANC to renew ties and work on our image after we were so comfortable in the old apartheid regime...kind of like a dad makes up for lost years with his son by buying gifts for him when he is 18.

In playing politics we backed the old apartheid horse (tacitly at least in the eyes of the majority of south africans), we tried to build bridges with government recently and now Mbeki and his freinds are being witch-hunted. Perhaps our leadership should think well beyond poltical opporutnism and should consider that playing politics, either with Zuma, Mbeki or the old regime could get our fingers burnt somehow in the long run.


he calls them occupying forces bc thats what they are. accept it. he doesnt need any lobby to tell him that.

viva cosatu viva!
viva anc viva!
viva palestinian lobby viva!



It wouldn't be the first time Jews failed to recognize a coming pogrom. It's not entirely inconceivable, is it? After all we live in an age where genocides of all shapes and sizes are part of the landscape. My ancestors were smart enough to leave The Pale before it was too late.


"The campaign for Palestinian liberation needs to be intensified both at the national and international level. We South Africans need to establish solidarity links with the international solidarity movement and mobilize our people to condemn Israel and its backers and call for mass action to demonstrate our solidarity with Palestine." (Zuma)

I wonder whether Zuma condemned the Chief Rabbi at Investec... he is, after all, one of Israel's backers. Perhaps during tea, Zuma turned to our Chief and took the opportunity to say...
" Jewish Chief , nice kosher biscuits. By the way I nearly forgot... I condemn you for backing Israel. Yes, I condemn you."



Yeah, yeah. The Jews are occupying Jerusalem and Judea. What next? Are the Indians occupying India? Are the Zulus are occupying Kwazulu-Natal?


I think this is quite obvious.
Let COSATU boycott Israel and Israeli products.
Let's see how far they get as an organization.
Coolio and COSATU, here is a list of companies that you should boycott:

At first glance I didn't see Microsoft, but you need to boycott them also.

Castor Troye

Whoever wants to boycott Israel and its backers can boycott them, because the one with egg on their face is not the Jews but the guy sitting at home hungry because he won't go to Pick n Pay which is owned by a Jew aka "Zionist". Needless to say, they would boycott using computers and almost all modern agriculture and technology.

I wonder if Zuma checked the label of the biscuits when eating them with the Chief Rabbi, to see if they were made in Israel?


Cosatu must now pass a resolution "condemning" Zuma for eating
Israeli produced biscuits during his meeting with the Jewish Chief.

Interesting to note that :
"COSATU will support any moves by the South African government to promote peace in the Middle East and support to the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom."
Did Cosatu issue any comment when Hamas was recently butchering Fatah in Gaza ? Has Cosatu ever opposed Hamas suicide bombing?
If it hasn't, why does Cosatu pretend that it wants to "promote peace in the Middle East"
The only thing that Cosatu and Zuma is actually promoting in the Middle East is an Islamic jihad and it is about time that everybody woke up to this fact.

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