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March 04, 2008



Well it's good to get the admission but the Guardian remains Britain's premier hotbed of anti-Zionism (often bordering on antisemitism) and offers a forum, CiF, to foment it.

It seems when Landau got booted, some common sense entered. They must have kicked him in the bottie.


The following will inevitably appear in this week's M&G....

Date: 04 March 2008 11:11:38 AM
To: [email protected]

Dear Ms Haffajee,

I refer you to the attached as The Mail and Guardian often takes articles from The Guardian:

I know that you are an anti-zionist journalist but you shouldn't believe all that you read in the UK media.

blacklisted dictator


Oh yes, definitely Anthony. Followed by the inevitable apology from Ferial about the M&G's response to Jenin!


I wonder why Rusbridger has now apologised. Perhaps he has a life-threatening ailment and is worried that he will soon meet his maker ?

G-d: "Alan, here are some copies of your articles about some people that I chose to choose. What possessed you to write this nonsense?"

Alan: "Well... I the time it was very PC to libel Israelis. A whole bunch of us were doing it. Even Jimmy Carter."

G-d: " Oh yes, the peanut president.. I will of course also be sending him to hell. I think he is on his last legs. And when Carter arrives, and offers you his snacks salted.... do remember that it isn't safe to drink the water."


He should be tried for fomenting violence and genocide e.g. crimes against humanity and given that the Guardian is legally a public trust the government has every reason to get involved up to and including the dissolution of the Guardian. There is literally no difference between what this fellow said and what Hamas says.

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