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February 05, 2008



In reality ... flying ... the ... Israeli flag in Pretoria ... is ... extremely biased against Palestine and disproportionately sympathetic to Israel.

Says so here:

The author is with a media organisation and hence must be unbiased. So there.


Thanks GreenMamba. Just added the link as an update.


Quite frankly it's a rather weak article. I love how he keeps claiming that the Jewish community is heavily didivided on this issue.

It's not. The vast majority are pro-Israel while a small but vocal minority are anti-Israel.


You referring to the MRN article I take it...


If Pahad is really worried about the "palestinians", it begs the question why he hasn't complained about Egypt shooting live rounds at civilians, attempting to re-close the rafah crossing, etc.

A second question is whether Pahad et al really cares what the SAJBD or Zev thinks. After all, SA democracy is about the masses and the money. Both of which the muslim community, courtesy of the Saudis and some other choice Bastions of Human Rights, do far better than the former Red Sea Pedestrians, still bereft of a homeland.

One would think that by now it is clear to any rational mind that the entire situation is not about "the palestinians", it never was, never will be. It's about the fact that Jews expect to be treated as equals, have the temerity to fight back and worse, horror of horrors, might actually be who they claim to be.

The problem is deeper though, until the Jews themselves realise the role they're called upon to play, and moreover learn to accomodate each other in the fulfillment thereof, they're never going to overcome the useful idiots who continue to pander to the Jews' mortal enemies, let alone the enemies themselves.


If the MRN were trying to ensure fair reporting on Sri Lanka v the Tamil Tigers, Burma v China, Chad v a bunch of poor villagers, Darfur v Sudan v a bunch of poor villagers or pretty much any other conflict, you would never have heard of them.

Their claim to fame is not their fight for the Palestinians, rather their fight against the Jews. One has to LOOVE the irony.


Yes the MSN article.

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