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January 31, 2008


Two different memorial days signifying a dual approach to Holocaust commemoration, I believe, is important. On Yom Hashoah we recognize what was done to us as the Jewish people and the need to ensure that we never let it happen again to us, while on UN Holocaust Memorial Day we recognize what was done to us means for humanity and the need to ensure that we never let it happen again to anybody. In this context, the ceremony I attended at the Apartheid Museum was both appropriate and extremely moving.

Brilliant stuff Mike.


George Bizos!! I have it on very very good authority that Bizos's opinions on the Israel-Palestinian conflict are identical to the ruling ANC elite and the SA media, BBC etc whose anti-Israel bashing Bizos sees as holy truth telling. Why not have Bishop Tuti give a speech on such an occasion, what difference.

What a disgrace from the local Jewish authorities who must have overseen the organisation in large part of this event, not to do their homework on Bizos, or maybe they think it doesn't matter at all. I bet they are guilty on both counts. Fact is the SAJBD and other Jewish organisations in SA are such a bunch of yellow bellies that they wouldn't dare ruffle any feathers if their lives depended on it. "Ooh don't offend the anti-Semites or otherwise they might hate us" is their motto, as I have pointed out before.

Who cares really anyhow? Certainly not SA's Jewish community whose poor turnout at this memorial occasion does not surprise me in the least.

I don't have a problem with the commemoration of other holocausts on this occasion, in fact I think it important - since at a fundamental level genocide of any group of people whether they be Jews, Gypsies, Armenians, American Indians, or San are motivated by the same deep-rooted irrational projection of all kinds of fears and associated emotions (largely subconscious) onto the "other", the outside group that serves as the scapegoat to the dominant society.


I need to make a correction, since this was a UN sponsored event, the SAJBD probably had very little to do with it's organisation, if anything at all. So an apology for that, sloppy of me.

However with that said, doesn't change the facts about Bizos I mention nor the all-round cowardice of the SAJBD for that matter.


No Lawrence, the SAJD had nothing to do with organising the event.

What has Bizos said on the Middle East?


I am not at all surprised that George Bizos- a member of the politicall correct ANC elite is an Israel-hater.
Who in these circles isn't?


hmm what has Bizos said on the middle-east?

Well, a very close relative of mine once got into a discussion with Bizos (who he had just met) at some place in Joburg a few years ago, and the subject of the Israel-Palestinian conflict came up, and Bizos with tears in his eyes, yes he really was crying, started in the most emotional language, describing the hardships of the Palestinians endured by the building of the "apartheid" wall, he was actually crying really. My relative brought up the uncomfortable facts of suicide bombings which occasioned the building of the barrier in the first place, and Bizos was naturally non-plussed, saying how he had some Jewish friends (?? - yeah like who exactly, Kasrils and his ilk I suppose) - the usual non-sequiter nonsense PC noodniks respond with when confronted with unpleasant facts.

This tells you everything you need to know about Bizos, you can predict exactly what he is going to say on every aspect of the M-E conflict even before he opens his mouth, based on the above.

The fact that Bizos had tears in his eyes brings to my mind what Phyllis Chesler mentions in her book "THE NEW ANTI-SEMITISM", namely that the anti-Semitism of the Left is in a large part erotic in nature, that is its heavy emotionalism is visceral, not rational or remotely reasoned, since it is not drawn from the mind, but the body in a sense. I know what she means, but it is difficult to articulate.


Lawrence, I don't think that is substantial enough to make me opposed to his appearance at this event.

If Bizos' opinions are so bad on the Middle East then we should easily be able to find a speech or an article. If you find an article, then please share the link with us, it certainly does interest me.

If his opinions are kept purely private then I think it is wrong to be so opposed to his attendance at the Holocaust Day event.

Just how bad are his opinions? Does he hate the wall but still support Israel's right to exist within the 67 borders? That opinion angers and frustrates me, but it's a far cry from where Mr kasrils and co sit.


You may be interested in this one. Bizos opposed the draft anti-terrorism bill in 2003.


With all due respect Steve, the Security Fence has saved thousands of Israeli lives.
If you are against the security fence then you see Jewish Israeli life as cheap, as worth far less than Palestinian inconvenience.
Being callous about the lives of Israeli Jews is for me beyond the pale already.
I will not wait around with bated breath to find out if he recognises Israel's right to exist.

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