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January 17, 2008



Well one should be used to the fact by now, that the media, especially within South Africa, only comments when Israel responds.

Hard Rain

I recall reading an article in the Business Day about Annapolis and, for whatever reason, the picture included was that of Israel's security barrier (naturally the tiny wall section, not the fence) and it was accompanied by a caption reading something like: "Israel's security barrier was constructed to keep out unwanted Palestinians"

How's that for perspective?


I have sent news of the rocket attacks on Israeli civillians and their effects to 702, SABC and IOL, from sources like Y Net and JPOst but our intrepid and honest SA media completely ignores these reports.


Elder of Ziyon does the work that the MSM ought to be doing.


The SA Jewish Report has an opportunity to be a true latrenative to the mainstream SA media, but alas they choose not to step into that niche and give us f all.


Well, in fairness - 19 people killed (murdered? war crimes?) is nto the same as 21 person. And that town is on historic Palestine.

How is it that Israel - a country who has so many ancestors who know what it is like to suffer (think holocost) the pressure of unewanted attacks on civil liberites - OK so maybe nto as bad as the palestinians are experiencing, but bad. (In palestine the whole country is a concentration camp, and the IDF come with their daily gas chambers in the form of tanks, poisoned water, demolished homes, raped children...etc...).

When you talk about balanced reporting please first have balanced morals.


Firstly Balancedview please define historic Palestine. It could be argued that historic Israel predates historic Palestine whatever they may be

Secondly please show me the concerted effort of the Israelis to exterminate the Palestinians and how the Palestinian's current conditions are worse than those persecuted by the Nazi's?

Lastly please tell me of one instance of an Israeli soldier raping a Palestinian child.

P.s would you please clarify what you mean in your 1st statement.


(U.N.)Balanced View,

Problem One
Until your moral compass can register that 19 combatants killed is not comparable to even one civilian deliberately targeted, then you're fighting with at least one hand behind your back.

Problem Two
As long as you think there are "rapes of children", "poisoned water" perpetrated by Israeli soldiers as a matter of course then you're swallowing blindly heap loads of lies and your idea of "balanced" is to equally believe proven lies and the liars that peddle them and people who speak with facts. In which case, your second hand is attached to the first (to be found behind your back) - both likely bound to your ankles, but I'll pretend not and continue anyway.

(Note the water and electricity in Gaza, as an example, comes from Israel. Israel doesn't need to poison the water - they just need to STOP it, in which case the kassams will stop - since you can't make rockets without electricity)

Problem Three
"in palestine" this clearly indicates you're not only fighting with both hands tied, but blind folded too. Now, if you knew something you might have phrased it more along the lines of "in gaza" or "in the west bank", in which case we would know you were lying since firstly, tanks aren't "daily" in Gaza. And secondly, you would know that the reason tanks are not required to conduct anti-terror raids in the west bank is precisely because the IDF still has control over the area -and it hasn't degenerated into the lawlessness of Gaza. (look up the word check point - look for all the stories of the evil Zionists stopping pregnant women from crossing into Israel for hospitals - then open your eyes and read the accounts of pregnant suicide bombers, ambulances smuggling weapons and of course, ask yourself with the billions in US aid why there are no hospitals???)

If you're looking for child rapes, family murders, torture, and removal of human rights you're right. You will find it all in gaza, but you'll also find it's fatah v hamas or vice versa.

Problem Four
"that town is in historic palestine" - it's difficult exactly to understand what you mean by this. It's like the rest of the arbitrary vague notions you wave around. Assuming you're talking about Gaza (or perhaps Gaza City itself?) you'd be wrong in suggesting that it's part of biblical "palestine". As to whether it's part of the British Mandate, so is Jordan, all of it and all it's cities - so what exactly are you trying to say?

Finally, your little "murdered" "war crimes" assertion shows your ignorance. Read the papers, do your research - then come and pontificate.

Oh, try remove the blindfold before you start reading.

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