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December 02, 2007



It is time for international pressure of world Jewry on South Africa (and I do not include far-left Israel-hating, terror-loving quislings in this category)economically and on all other fronts, to give up their jihad against Isreal and suport for terror.

Let world Jewry (minus the quisling) exert economic muscle on SA.


What is "world Jewry"? And what is its "economic muscle"? And what are its "other fronts"?

I'm afraid it's usually antisemites who dream up such things, and I'd hardly place my faith in them.

We might, of course, encourage Jews around the world to speak out for truth and justice, and against bigots like Hamas.

Also remember that our destiny is not ultimately in their hands: a silent prayer is more powerful than all the lies and hatred spouted by the enemies of Israel.


What I find especially worrying is that the Minister didn't even get what resolution 104 says about refugees correct.

It does not specifically mention Palestinian refugees but all refugees of the 1948 war including those Jews expelled or who fled from the neighbouring countries.

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