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December 02, 2007


The Blacklisted Dictator

I wonder how much would be wiped off the South African stock exchange
if SA actually implemented BDS ? Do you think it might lead to the
United States "BDS-ing" South Africa ?

Na'eem Jeenah

Dear Steve

I'm wondering how much of what you write is actually true. Clearly you were not at the UN event last week but made up your report or got it from (not very reliable) hearsay. I say that because, if you had been there, you would not have wrote: "FXI director and Palestine Solidarity Committee spokesperson Naeem Jeena delivered the keynote address followed by an address by South African Minister of Intelligence Ronnie Kasrils."

(I will ignore the incorrect titles and spelling of my name.) I did not deliver (nor was I even invited to) a keynote address or any other address at that event. I had no role in the proceedings. How do you get away with telling lies? Sad.

Na'eem Jeenah


Ronnie Kasrils is proof that the spirit of Amalek and Haman can be in one born Jewish.
His hate if not stopped can only lead to genocide and a second holocaust.
The fact that the government sponsored this and Dlamini-Zuma condemmed the 1947 partition plan proves that the ANC/SACP regime does indeed back Kasrils hate-based Jihad against Israel.


Dear Na'eem,

Apologies for the error. Thanks for letting me know. I have corrected the post and added an update.



We don't usually get all religious on this blog but since you started it.

I must disagree with you regarding your Amalek statement, not because I have any desire to defend Ronnie Kasrils, but because I feel that we must be exacting with regards to such labels. Labeling someone with 'the spirit of Amalek' has significant repercussions.Amalek was not simply an evil man who didn't like the Jews. He was the epitome of evil whose entire existence was devoted to distancing the world from spirituality and G-d. He hated the the Jews not because he was misguided or begrudged - he hated them and was compelled to dstroy every last one because our entire existence is devoted to a goal exactly contrary to his. As I have heard said about Hitler - Hilter was evil not because he misunderstood the role of the Jewish people - he understood exactly our role. He was evil because of his response to it. The reason Amalek, Haman and (their likely descendant) Hitler needed to kill every last Jew, man, women or child, was not because they were blood thirsty psychopaths. It was because we have embedded in us the spirit of what they most hate, and even one Jewish soul in the world brings more spirituality than they can tolerate - brings their essence abhors anything spiritual.

With this in mind you will see that one cannot say that the spirit of Amalek lives in a Jew. The spirit of Amalek can only live in Amalek, it is his being, just as regardless of how much one tries to deny and self hate, the essence of a Jew remains spiritual.

Ronnie Kasrils is an idiot, he is misguided, ill informed, self hating, irresponsible and often behaves very consistently with what we would call evil. But despite this, we cannot make the very serious claim that his essence is the very epitome of evil.

There is more that I could say, if you would like I can email you.


Brett what you are saying is racist. you are saying that one's ethnicity determines whether one has the spirit of Amalek, not one's actions.

Hence a German, who saved Jews, during World War II is still Amalek, but a Jewish-born hate-monger who works for the mass murder of Jews in essence has a good neshama.


If that is not pure racism, I don't know what is.


It is rare that such a short post can be so right and so wrong.

You're right - it is racist.
You're wrong - a German in the time of the Holocaust was not necessarily Amalek. Amalek was dispersed among the nations. It is impossible to tell today who is and who isn't. Even Hitler himself cannot be said to be Amalek with 100% certainty, his actions and speeches do suggest it though. If a German helped Jews in the Holocaust then that is a strong indication that he is not Amalek. You're wrong in that it is not one's ethnicity that determines whether one has the spirit of Amalek and therefor one's actions. The spirit of Amalek is a what determines your actions and ethnicity is irrelevant.

There is no race called Amalek today,there are individuals in probably most nations who have Amalakite ancestry and those individuals will behave according to that heritage. But there is no ethnic group that we can be 'racist' towards. So you are right, in theory it is racist because would there be a nation called Amalek we would be racist towards them. I don't see why this is a bad thing - hating a nation entirely devoted to evil, but hey, depends on where your priorities lie.

You can't make an analogy to something from the bible and then redefine what the bible meant.You might like to think of Amalek as a bad man who lived a couple thousand years ago and behaved as he did for some unknown reason, buts thats not what the bible says. And seeing as though the bible is the only place that mentions him, its not very intellectually honest to deviate from the bible's definition. Amalek is a specific concept, the concept of an entire nation devoted only to evil and to the extermination of good in the world. Who wouldn't be racist to such a concept?

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