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December 19, 2007



I have been doing some research into this phenomeonon and conclude that Zionophobia or Israelphobia is a disease and form of hate and racism, no less than is anti-Semitism.
We have to define Zionophobia the same way 'homophobia' and 'Islamophobia' and fight it.
Why are there never conferences on Zionophobia or Israelphobia.
Zionophobia meaning an irrational and violent prejudice against Israel and it's people.
It is a sickness.
Kasrils (and many others inlcuding ZAPIRO) has a pathological hatred of Israel and Israelis the same way Hitler had a pathological hatred of Jews in general.

Joel Pollak

Here's your answer:

Joel Pollak

Kasrils feeds Mbeki bad intelligence?

From the Carol Paton on the Financial Mail blog (

The results of the voting are to be announced at the close of the conference tomorrow midday. Mbeki supporters are still scratching their heads over how they were so thoroughly trounced in the elections for the Top 6. While the writing has been on the wall since the provincial nominations process ended on November 26, die-hard Mbeki-ites did not see last night’s defeat coming.

Smuts Ngonyama said that numbers given to them by people in the provinces before the voting indicated Mbeki would win. Similarly cabinet ministers Essop Pahad and Ronnie Kasrils were genuinely confident yesterday afternoon telling close colleagues and friends that Mbeki’s victory was in the bag.


Gary writes above :

"We have to define Zionophobia the same way 'homophobia' and 'Islamophobia' and fight it."

with all due respect we indeed have to define Zionophobia as bigoted as homophobia since Zionophobia/anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism by definition and in principle, a pathetic cover for anti-Semitism. However to class Islamophobia as bigotry/racism akin to anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism is PC garbage, worse it is even very insidious and at best pseudoliberal ignorance in action.

What do you mean by Islamophobic? somebody who is anti-totalitarian superstition and opposed to authoritarian clerical sanctioned oppression and hate mongering? Because that is Islam in a nutshell, Islam is inherently radical and fundamentalist. I know that millions of Muslims are moderates, I am not saying all Muslims are radicals, but Islam itself is not moderate, not at all. There is a crucial difference.

Islamophobia is the cry of the PC brigade, liberal and conservative alike, caught up in the lie of cultural relativism, always whitewashing Muslim tyranny and terrorism, apologising for it, if not supporting it - especially when the Jews are its victims. Islamophobia is the shared slogan of smooth talking cheerleaders for the backwardness and tyranny and anti-liberalness that is Islam eg Tariq Ramadam, and their allies in the West, including the PC media which is also predominantly anti-Semitic, the moron politicians, ditto and the self-appointed cultural pseudointellectual elite, predominantly anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist too.

Saying that anit-Zionism is the immoral equivalent of Islamophobia is like saying that anti-Zionism/anti-Semitism is the immoral equivalent of anti-Nazism or anti-Baathism or anti-apartheidism. Are we going to start saying that we must fight against the bigotry that is anti-Nazism? Are we going to start speaking about Naziphobia, apartheidphobia, kidnapperphobia, how about peodophilephobia and misogynyphobia too?

Recently a conference was held in Turkey against "Islamophobia", do you know who the high ranking speakers were there who were condemning Islamophobia?

Karen Armstrong who is a liar sans parallel on the topic of Islam and its teachings, a whitewasher and denialist passing herself off as a religious scholar - it is why her books are so popular. Will Baker was there, he is a neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier, and so was John Esposito who is the epitome of academic mendacity and duplicity re Islam and the Middle East hence his popularity in political and academic circles in America, Esposito's own dept at his university (Georgetown)is bankrolled by Saudi Sharia supporting billionaires.

Norman Finkelstein, self-hating Jew (do the research if you beg to differ), and Noam Chomsky's buddy was there, Tariq Ramadan himself who is in fact the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhoood Al-Banna, was there. Ramadan who speaks of terrorist atrocities in the West as "interventions" and all the rest of it.

As Robert Spencer a genuine expert on Islam put it:

"If Muslims want to end "Islamophobia" instantaneously, here's how they can do it:

1. Focus their indignation on Muslims committing violent acts in the name of Islam, not on non-Muslims reporting on those acts.
2. Renounce definitively not just "terrorism," but any intention to replace the U.S. Constitution (or the constitutions of any non-Muslim state) with Sharia even by peaceful means.
3. Teach Muslims the imperative of coexisting peacefully as equals with non-Muslims on an indefinite basis.
4. Begin comprehensive international programs in mosques all over the world to teach against the ideas of violent jihad and Islamic supremacism.
5. Actively work with Western law enforcement officials to identify and apprehend jihadists within Western Muslim communities.

If Muslims do those five things, voila! "Islamophobia" will vanish."

That's it, simple really.

Islamophobia is the cry of the takiyya droning Muslim supremacist who seeks to criticise and condemn every other faith and ideology but his own, whose jihadists muder and maim every day. It is the cry of the dhimmi in the West, what is a dhimmi - see Armstrong and Esposito above. If you don't know what a dhimmi is, you are one. Here is another clue - see under Ronnie Kasrils, ANC, BBC, CNN, George Bush, SA and Western media as a whole, Ehud Olmert, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, EU, Ha'Eretz etc etc etc.

Islamophobia is literally a fear of Islam, do I fear Islam - you bet! If one has any sense one is Islamophobic, if one is anti-bigotry one is Islamophobic. But in the Orwellian nightmare I live in, being anti-bigoted makes me a bigot!!

Insane really.


What I was saying is that To hate an entire nation, as the Israelphobes do is called RACISM! That is what it is. And to claim that your best friends are Jewish and that they also hate Israel, or that you hate Israel and not Jews as such does not change the fact that if you hate Israel and Israelis you are a RACIST. Anybody who is prejudiced against Israel and Israelis is as much a bigot as someone who is prejudiced against Jews per se, or for that matter against Blacks, Gays, Indians, Chinese, Moslems etc. And do not say that you hate the State of Israel and not it's people, because the state is the sum total of it's people.

Hard Rain

Excellent comments, Lawrence. You summate brilliantly the real issues underpinning the dhimmi propagandists' attempts to paint critics of Islam and its barbarity as racists in an attempt to stifle debate and progress in tackling the inherently anti-Western and anti-egalitarian nature of the religion.

Here's an old Cox and Forkum comic which relates to your quotations from Robert Spencer:


Lawrence, I know very well about the Zionophobe Norman Finkelstein and no one detests him more than I do.
He should be flushed down the John.

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