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November 04, 2007



I am strongly opposed to the the reduction of fuel and electricity to Gaza. It simply doesn't make sense!

A reduction implies that we will still be sending them some - this is ridiculous. The pipes and lines need to be shut completely. It is absurd that we are supplying an enemy entity with the means to continue their offensive against us. If the civilians are so worried about being affected let them stop the rocket launching squads who are firing from their very own residential areas. We are a war with Hamas who were both democratically elected and now totally control Gaza. One does not supply the enemy with the logistical capabilites to attack you.

I have said it before on this post - if the residents of Gaza freeze to death in the dark whilst drowning in their own faeces they have no-one to blame but themselves. Israel is ready to give them the world - just stop shooting at us.

Hard Rain

Yeah, but that's like collective punishment because not all Gazans are responsible for the rockets. And yet (in accordance with moral relativism) the residents of Southern Israel deserve indiscriminant rockets because they are so responsible for Israel's mere existence!

[/sarc] :/

Bridgitte Raven

Check out these videos posted by the UN Watch
UN Watch exposes the hypocrisy, indifference and moral inversions of the new and supposedly reformed UN Human Rights Council.

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