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November 01, 2007


Hard Rain

Excellent post and excellent points by Neuer. I would've really liked to attend his speech.


The United Nations is the very embidement of a dark Orwellianism, where aggressors are defenders and

defenders are aggressors, where justice is injustice and injustice is

justice, where war is peace and peace is war, where freedom fighters are

terrorists and terrorists are freedom fighters, It is by its very nature cruel to the kind and kind to the cruel.

Where freedom is tyranny and tyranny is freedom

While the UN silently condones ALL real human rights and genoicide in the world such as the occupation of Tibet by China , the deliberate starvation of Zimbabwe's people and massacres perpetrated by dictaor , Robert Muagbe Mugabe , genocide of the Kurds , South Sudanese , Christian Lebanese etc , and the nightmarish totalitarian dictaorships in China , North Korea,Vietnam , Cuba , Zimbabwe , Syria , Libya, Iran etc

it vociferously bays for the blood of tiny democratic Israel and condemmns the USA for any action against totalitarian regimes.

The UN can always be counted on to side with the cruel ones , with the despots.


At least we have an objective yard stick for immorality - The side the UN is on is the immoral side.


The South African govt's disgraceful response to Hiv / Aids is also an
abuse of human rights. Why don't Dugard and Tutu raise this matter at


You are bloodywell right Brett.
And the same go's for the ANC/SACP foreign policy.
We know that the side the ANC/SACP regime sides with is the evil side- everytime!


By the way did you see the Sri Lanka armed forces killed the political leader of the Tamil Tigers' political wing.
I don't see any discussion or excitement on it in South Africa, or anywhere else.
Compare this to the mass hyteria when the IDF took out the arch-terrorist and child-killer Ahmed Yassin.


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