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November 04, 2007


Joel Pollak

What an embarrassment.

I have come to excpect South Africa to always side with evil and take an immoral stance at the UN and internationally.
The day SA actually does something moral and right in foreign policy I will be astounded!


South Africa doesn't need to peddle any excuses. It is obligated by the
various agreements negotiated by Ronno Einstein on his last trip to
Tehran. His Iranian buddies are holocaust deniers and as a result it
would be "immoral" for South Africa to have anything to do with a UN
resolution that recognizes
the holocaust.
I would hope that The UK, inter alia, now wakes up to the fact that
South Africa should not be a permanent member of the security council.
When I was last in The UK, I heard David Milliband (foreign secretary)
saying that his govt supported a South African seat on the security
council. Clearly, Pretoria revels in being part of "the axis of evil'
and it is about time that Milliband realized it.


Welcome back Anthony. Its been a while. The West seems blind to South Africa.


It's true Mike.
Funny thing that when SA is so blatant and loud about their support for the AXis of Evil.
It seems if they are openly defying the WEst but get away scott free every time.

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