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November 08, 2007


The Blacklisted Dictator

I think that Prof Adam Habib ( he who is excluded from the US) has
played an important role in directing South Africa's voting record at
The UN.
In Jan 26th 2007, he wrote the following in The M&G:
"Our role in the Security Council, temporary though it may be, is not
to mindlessly follow the dictates of great powers, but to engage them
and provide an example of responsible international leadership."
It would appear, therefore, that South Africa's refusal to co-sponsor
holocaust recognition motions would be viewed by Prof Habib as "an
example of responsible international leadership."


I'm living in a very Jewish neighborhood. I'm aware that many Jewish people are good communicators, and highly intelligent. I went to a Jewish nursery school. I'm obviously not Jewish, but since I'm exposed to your culture daily I do have a question. How is it fair that Jewish people make the very fair request to be treated without racism etc, in other words as equals, given equal opportunities, and discourage anti-semitism, but then Jewish people seem to be very clearly scornful of gentiles.

Even when less ostensible, there is still a very strong message being communicated, which amounts to a reverse racism. We don't eat what you eat, we dress differently, we don't allow our women or men to mix with yours.

When I worked in Advertising, I noticed that there was a Jewish clique. Jews who wanted to associate with other Jews. I notice this more often as I move into the Media. Jewish people don't 'fraternise' with non Jews. They exclude even when you offer to include. It's a club. Many believe they are God's only chosen people.

I may be oversimplyfying, but it seems to me a situation where one group is free to impose rules of fairness on everyone else, yet they implicitly see themselves with a sort've God given bias over all of us other mere mortals.

This isn't - I don't think - an errant view either. I've spoke to unorthodox Jews who essentially reject the orthodoxy, and they say this is so. But then it's not unique amongst Jews. Pretty much each group - Christians, Muslims, suicide bombers, believes they have a unique, exclusive right to being The One True God's Favorite. And I mean there are so many groups who believe their way is THE way. It just gets a bit tiring doesn't it?

I'm all for an inclusive system, where fundamentally we agree to treat each other well, and fundamentally accept each other as equals. The problem is, we do so legalistically, but without a sense of real humanism. Very few are able to let go of their unique traits that make them - apparently - the inheritors of heaven and earth.



Let me first state that I a Jew who follows the Orthodoxy,so that you understand where I'm coming from.Also, without inviting a deluge of unrelated comments from those who do not follow Orthodox Judaism, I will answer inly for Orthodoxy as we are the group you have problems with.

You make some good points and some accurate observations but are missing some critical distinctions. Yes, Jews separate themselves, there is no denying this. This separation often a function of the laws we are obligated to keep or sometimes a Rabbinical addition (not of recent origin though) in order to increase the separation. Where you are mistaken in your assessment is that this separation implies a feeling of superiority. Judaism teaches fundamentally this equality is not uniformity. Men and women have biological differences that change the functioning in this world entirely, that does not make one superior to the other. So too with Jews and non-Jews, we believe that each has their own task. Jews have many laws to follow that at times can be difficult, integrating with those who are not obligated in the same laws will most often lead to straying away from the obligations. The distance Jews place between themselves and non-Jews is to protect the tradition.

You stated that each group believes it has the monopoly on truth - whilst this may be partially true you missed the crux - Judaism is the only religion that believes that non-Jews do not have to convert. A non-Jewish person can reach the same spiritual level that a Jew can, without taking in the obligations of Judaism. This is unique and if nothing else is a reason for us to request equal treatment in society. We keep to ourselves, whilst contributing to the community and still hold we are not necessarily better than anyone else.

We are not scornful of gentiles, we are protective of our heritage. I see no reason that a community that chooses to be partially isolated deserves to be persecuted. We do not ask anything else other than equal treatment.


Nick, Jews are resentful of a culture that scorns, demonises and routinely mass-murders Jews, when you are not merely humiliating us or trying to. We are dismissive of a culture that is supportive of jihadists who want to finish the job of where you European gentiles left off (unless they are self-hating Jews in which case the hatred directed towards them is internalised). Jews do not unlike Christian fundamentalists and Muslims, believe that their beliefs are the one true way and non-Jews are unbelievers who go to some hell, this is alien to Jewish religion of which you know nothing.

Since most gentiles from a Christian background (whether Christian or not) are anti-Semitic to varying degrees (as personal experience has taught me) and historical and contemporary facts re hostility to Jews and the Jew nation only bear this out, I scorn and despise the barbarity that is your so-called culture, I have nothing but contempt for most of you people. It's not because of any Jewish tradition of which you don't understand anything like the typical goyim that you are, that I have nothing but contempt for most of you people, it's because you people for the most part HATE us to death and scapegoat the consequences of your own barbarity, ruthlessness and allround iniquity onto us.

And so frankly we don't like most of you, those of us with brains that is. Gettit?


Lawrence, I disagree with your views. I don’t think most non-Jews hate us!

Nick, 2000 years of persecution has also resulted in our propensity to say together. We have a great fear of the other as illustrated by Lawrence’s comments. It will take many generations of peaceful co-existence to cure this neurosis.

But I nevertheless dispute your basic premise. ‘Only if Jews become like non-Jews ‘eat what you eat, dress like you etc can we have equal rights.’ You have to learn to tolerate difference.


lawrence, i'd rather have dinner with a bunch of dirty goats than you, you retarded prick.
You the one without a brain. you dont speak for Jews or Zionists.



While Jew's wanted to be treated "fairly", we don't expect to be invited for supper. Hence, there is no contradiction. I.e. you're not being adequately exacting in your comparison.

Note also that although Jews request fair treatment, the rules you complain are being imposed:
" We don't eat what you eat, we dress differently, we don't allow our women or men to mix with yours." , are being imposed by Jews on themselves. Unlike Islam, we're not trying to ban alcohol and pig meat for everyone. - again, you're not analysing the situation carefully enough.

Hence your feelings of inadequacy are misdirected. As to the rest of your comments re exclusivity etc, as Brett pointed out, most of those attitudes are more out of ignorance than anything else.

Further, relying on people who are anti-orthodox as reliable sources of orthodox weltaunschaung is a little dumb. And finally, have you ever considered that just maybe you're being excluded for reasons other than the fact that you're not Jewish?



Firstly, I implore you to ignore the irrational and frankly offensive comments above. I agree with Lawrence on some issues - namely 2000 years of being hunted by the Church tends to make you a little paranoid, and yes I agree that most non-Jews are to some extent anti-semitic, but I do not believe that most Jews dislike most non-Jews.

Nick, I'm not being apologetic because I'm looking for your approval, If after what is said you still feel the same then so be it - I cannot defeat anti-semitism with rationality. Rather I make the points I do for the sake of clarity and what I believe to be truth.

As for Jonathan, I understand that you may be upset by certain comments, but this blog has always been one of rational, logical and, for the most part, intellectual posts. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say that if you want to behave like a 5 year old then taken some crayons and go draw on the dining room wall, but don't annoy us by ranting and using foul language on the blog whilst making no argument whatsoever.

Do most Jews dislike non-Jews?
I for one have goodwill to all unless they are hostile to my faith, my people and above all, my country, Israel.


I, for one, have goodwill towards all, providing they are not hostile to the Jewish faith, the Jewish people (and that includes Jews in Israel, so none of this "We are not anti-Semitic, we only hate Jews who live in Palestine" garbage!), and the Jewish State.



I'm sorry that your experience with Jews has left a negative impression. I hope that it has not been entirely negative, and that it improves.

After all, our prophets teach us that we are to be a "light unto the nations" and to set a good example by acting righteously. I stand to be corrected, but I think that this is at least one of the reasons why God chose to enter into a covenant with a particular nation, so they could teach his righteousness to the rest of the world.

In contrast to many other religions, however, this does not mean that we are to impose our will upon anyone else. Indeed, Jewish tradition teaches that people who are not Jewish need not convert to Judaism in order to lead moral lives and go to heaven.

But Jewish people have a covenant with God which means that we have to keep his laws, and not lose our traditions by integrating totally. These laws cause no harm to people who aren't Jewish, and should not cause offense.

If any Jewish person acts unkindly towards you, or tries to impose the Jewish religion upon you, please remind him that God expects him to act righteously, and tell him to go to an orthodox rabbi.

If you're interested in understanding Judaism, I recommend Benjamin Bleich's book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism". Of course, the book isn't for idiots - it's a part of the popular series of introductory books, titled "The Complete Idiot's Guide".

I hope this helps.

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