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November 23, 2007



You know your religion has lost the plot when drawing a picture of the
(corporeal?)god in the religion gets a few angry callers into an am wave talk radio based on the pimple at the butt of Africa, but drawings of a prophet, who is known to have walked the earth, murdered, lied and raped little girls get's world wide attention, riots, assassinations and people killed.

Who woulda thunk it?


Let's not rush to rahrah ZAPIRO too qucikly.
He was advertising his atheism and contempt for all religion and tradition, but although atheist Communists like ZAPIRO don't believe in Allah anymore than they believe in G-D, (although Fat Ronnie is very fond of shouting 'Insh Allah') they will side with the Moslems everytime against Israel and democracy.


I agree with Hillel, ridiculous. Its amazing that people look at this cartoon and they aren't upset about the loss of press freedom but rather about a postcard picture of Allah.


yeah the irony here completely lost on zapiro is that he is on the side of murderous fascist fanatics who want to throw the Jews into the sea, as his disgraceful cartoons re the Middle-East conflict amply demonstrate. He is a front-line propagandist for the murderous followers of Allah's murderous peodophile tyrannical prophet and he doesn't even know it.

Another closely related irony is that Zapiro is so convinced he is a clever atheist who knows all there is to know about the stupidity and delusion of religion, doesn't even know the first thing about Islam, its history and its culture (whether good or bad or both), its laws and its teachings and of course the facts about its founding prophet, and he serves as the propagandist for the excesses and deceit that are intrinsic to a superstitious religious jihadist prone culture while at the same time he pretends to mock religious belief in general.

Darkly funny, more dark than funny. But who gets it?


Despite their differences in religious beliefs the Hard Left and the Islamic Exremists are completely as one politically.

Joel Pollak

Generally I like Zapiro's cartoons, barring those on the Middle East and on religion. The worst bit about this particular cartoon is where he tries to duck responsibility for it, telling angry readers to send complaints to Tim du Plessis and not himself. There's a joke in that dodge, but it's still a dodge, and the media ought to be as accountable for their opinions as the rest of us.


I don't see why it is a dodge. He is not saying send grievances/complaints/rants to Tim du Plessis he is saying send the anwsers to 1,2 and 3 to him. His name is on the bottom of the Cartoon why is this not full responsibility?

Joel Pollak

Benjamin has a point - I interpreted "answers" as responses or complaints, which may not be correct. Still, why duck even the answers to the challenge?


They are rhetorical questions, 1 is answered in 2, 2 isn't even really a question, 3 is again more of a statement. Can you even duck a rhetorical question? This is all getting a little absurd.

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