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October 19, 2007



Well done on your victory tonight.


It is ironic that Lucky Dube sounded exactly like Peter Tosh, who died in a hail of bullets by unknown assailants 20 years ago.

By the way the IFP says it all with their press release

Inkatha Freedom Party Statement By:

19 October 2007

It is with extreme sadness that the Inkatha Freedom Party has learned of the murder of internationally renowned reggae artist and one of South Africa's best loved musicians, Lucky Dube.

We pass our condolences to Lucky's family and fans and we will pray for them during this difficult time.

Today, South Africa will be making headlines across the world again for all the wrong reasons. The murder of Lucky Dube once again highlights the fact that we are a nation at war. The murder of one of South Africa's most talented musicians proves that, as a nation, we might be free from the oppression of apartheid, but we live in fear of the criminals who now rule this country. These callous criminals have taken away the hard fought freedom so many people died for in South Africa.

The Inkatha Freedom Party calls on government to stop disregarding the pleas of ordinary South Africans. The Minister of Safety and Security and the President are in denial about crime and are refusing to admit to the size and severity of the crime problem. Government apathy is what leads to 50 murders daily in this country.

As the IFP, we can not be silent anymore. We call on government to tell us what plans they have got in place to stop this bloodbath? Or is the truth, that they just don't care and they don't know what to do?

Mr Velaphi Ndlovu MP: 083 625 0803
Liezl van der Merwe: 083 611 7470

George Sklar

Springboks deserved it but don't forget that they didnt beat the Kiwis. See you in the tri-nations next year!


Mazel Tov on the victory. We even watched it at Haaretz. Which is especially unusual, considering most of us don't know the rules.

Great post on the Dube - Boks linkage.

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