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October 22, 2007



I think that there should be rules against the distribution of hate literature and malicious misinformation, especially if it incites violence. I haven't seen the papers, but I took a look at their webpage, and it is full of lies and advocates violence.

Check their advocation of violence in an article on armed struggle titled "The Only Way", and recall that the armed struggle it supports deliberately targets innocent civilians. And note when reading the second paragraph that Kadima removed all the settlements in Gaza.

Would the university distribute flyers for the KKK? What if the flyers did not oppose all black people, but only the "Nazi" African-Americans and "Nazi" American Catholics, and You Know Who? Maybe a few lynchings is "the only way" to liberate the Confederacy? What about a screening of Griffith's "Birth of a Nation"?

I wonder whether Steve is correct that there is nothing to be gained in complaining. It's virtuous for people to stand up against hate, even if this does not have a positive effect on others. But, as Steve points out, in this case complaining may have negative consequences.

Might these consequences be outweighed by the negative consequences of allowing this hatred to be distributed?


Steve, don't become a hardened cynic like me. If you have the ability to complain do so, if nothing comes of it you have lost nothing.


The propaganda of the world today. Israeli Jews are Nazis so killing Israeli Jews is actually killing Nazis, so it's ok.
The first holocaust being used to justify a second holocaust.
Orwellian indeed.


Ok let me explain,

I probably overemphasised the bit on the predictable response. It is the predictable response but that should not deter us from acting on issues we believe in. I agree with that sentiment.

What do I have to lose? Well, its simple, time.

I dont have the time to follow up. A follow up would involve alot of work. Simply emailing complaints would achieve very little.

I don't think this is an issue for two guys with a blog and full time jobs.

I think the best response is just publicising what they are distributing. Wouldnt it be great if Peter Fabricious or Stephen Mulholland saw this and did a write up in the press? Perhaps I should send them the editions I have.


I totally agree with Steve. I think an offcial response is needed. This is for the SAJBD or SAUJS to handle. Not us. We can merely give publicity to the issue.

I actually do think we have a lot to lose. By complaining all the time we look as if we are trying to stiffle free speech. 'The lobby' at work again.


So this isn't a "make them stop!" post, it's a "look at what they are doing and reading and judge them by that" post.

{Insert predictable response about who are the "they" that you speak of? This "other" that is so foreign to you etc etc ho hum etc}


"truth is limited but falsehood can be accommodated to match any argument." Quite brilliant.


Firstly, Thank you Cnaan

Secondly, Mike and Steve I agree wholeheartedly with your last few posts and when I said 'what do you have to lose' I in no way meant to belittle the value of your time.

What is important though is that I feel that this case is a litmus test. This is pure hate speech with demonstrable lies, if Wits' and even South Africa's freedom of speech policy is worth anything (and I don't believe that it is, but as I said I'm a cynic) then a case so clear as this should require nothing more than a single reporting to illicit a sharp response. A lack of response can only be interpreted as one of two things. Either absolute apathy towards any hate speech on campus or acceptance of hate speech against Jews. Differentiating would be easy - disseminate similar hate speech against them. But apart sinking to their level we cannot do this because cousin Ishmael would not be as peaceful in accepting this kind of abuse and will undoubtedly engage in a violent response.

This is the very nature of our enemy.


The problem is that taking them to the university or any commission or watchdog body in SA, cannot and would not work. As we saw with the ruling by the Human Rights Commission, that Ronnie Kasril's feverish and venomous ravings against Israel and Israelis, did not constitute hate speech, in SA, there is nothing you are not allowed to say about Jews who live in Israel.

Other people are protected from hate speech, but Israeli Jews are not.
The same rules do not apply.


By the way, here are some REAL parralels with the holocaust and Nazism.
It is really sick and evil to label the Israeli people (many of them descendants of holocaust suvivors), who are struggling to survive, as Nazis.
I don't think there is much that one can do or say more evil than this Satanic leftist-Islamist Axis are doing.


Oh, I didn't post the site


"I hope that they have overplayed their hand and that this evangelism of hate ends up exposing them for what they really are."

I am afraid, Steve, that this hope is unfounded. As long as there is fertile ground for antisemitic ravings, there will be people who love just this kind of simple and, unfortunately, effective, propaganda.


Whenever anybody tells me that antisemitism and anti-Jewish behavior no longer exists, I can point to this post with confidence. Thank you for this.



SAUJS took the issue of the Palestine Times to the University Forum. The publication was officially recognised as anti-Semitic. It is banned on campus, yet continues to be illegally distributed. When will the Wits administration stop playing favorites and hold the PSC accountable for its actions?



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