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September 12, 2007



Wow!. you really fixed her. Brillaint post


There is only one word for the way Khadija demonizes an enire people- Racism!
Leftwing Israel-haters have not stopped at even demonizing Israeli children as Khadija does here about the jellyfish, and as others have done about Israeli children writing messages on missiles which were being sent as a retaliation against Hezbullah (after these children had been terrorized by Hezbullah rockets).
This demonization can only be to prepare the world for genocide of Israel's Jews.
And the protestation by the Left that it is not directed against Jews but against Israelis does not mtigate this hate speech either.
It is like sayin you are not a racist because you only hate South african Blacks, you have nothing against the American Blacks.
Is nati-Israel race hate the only type of race hate welcome in the media?
What other entire nationa and people can one demonize with impunity?


Remember Khadija also wrote that peace demonizing Israeli girl soldiers.
This type of hate really is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda agianst Jews.
It is directed against Israel's people, down to the last child, not against any government,policy or even ideology.


The fact that such openly racist articles are published in mainstream and 'respected' publications such as Business Day, only illustrates how deeply anti semitic the broader e piece had South African population is. If the piece had been on any other ethnic group the public and media control bodies would be in a frenzy.
I hate to sound like a broken record but even you admitted that its stinks of pre-Holocaust Germany.


Here is the proof od the pudding.
If I acused Khadija of anti-Semitism, she would say she was not reffering to Jews, only Israelis.
If I asked her if she meant Isreali Arabs too, she would say that, no, she only meant Israeli Jews.
That is the answer: Anti-Semitism.
It is entirely in keeping in the character of Islamists or rabidly leftist anti-Zionists that they should carry a rabid hatred of Israel to the point of defending the killers of Israeli children. Author Jacques Givet , in his remarkable book 'The Anti-Zionist Complex' refers to the massacres of Israeli children at Ma'alot and Kiryat Shmona in 1974 by the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The author points out how prejudiced and unfair condemmnation of Israel in the United Nations has led to deeds: 'For moral denigration encourages physical elimination; a few days after the adoption of the resolution of November 1975, challenging the very existance of Israel, a bomb killed six young people (all of them refugees from Arab countries) in Jerusalem. The PLO forthwith claimed the credit for this feat, justifying it by reference to the United Nations resolution..."

In more recent years, Irish poet Tom Paulin explicitly called for the killing of Jewish civillians in Israel. A few days later , a five year old Jewish girl, Danielle Shefi, was shot dead in the Jewish village of Adura, by Arab terrorists , as she cowered under her bed. They also shot her baby brother. Journalists on the far left website indymedia openly gloated over and celebrated this murder. In 2002 leftist anti-Zionist journalist , Richard Calland , wrote in South Africa's far left Mail&Guardian that he "quietly celebrates Israeli casualties". Charlotte Kates , a law lecturer at Rutger University in New Jersey and an 'activist' of the pro-terror 'International Solidarity Movement' has endorsed the killing of Israeli children by Arab terrorists, calling Israeli children 'fair game'.

The same way, that the demonization of Jews by Hitler Goebbels and Der Sterner laid the way for the holocaust, I believe that the purpose of anti-Zionist propaganda is to pave the way for the genocide of Israel Jews.


Resist Islamic Supremacism - laugh at ourselves

Tzom metaheir - have a purefying fast

Immanuel Sutter

The editor who publishes Khadija's attempts at agitprop is irresponsible - but journalism is a reactive profession - where scoops of resentment are dished up for daily consumption - I don't believe such writing changes any one's opinion about anything; for those predisposed to dislike Israeli her writing serves as ammunition - but anything would, for those who love Israel her words are irrelevant and those who aren't interested won't wade through her articles in the film "The Secret" an obsessive preoccupation with the myriad instances of anti-Semitism help them to keep on manifesting, how about two weeks where only philo-Semitic stories are focussed on - believe me there are many

By the way I've decided not to pay my SABC license this year - why support a partisan organisation that practices ethnic profiling, is contributing to the emergence of a one party state, and is increasingly been run by neo stalinists and scoundrels?


I hear you Immanuel. But I don't support your decision not to pay your license even if your motivations are legitimate.

If you ever watch SABC then you have to pay your license.


Hi Steve

You are correct, although, of course, when dialogue fails - and admittedly it hasn't in this case, the jury is still out - then there is always a case for civil disobedience.

On another note, have you seen

The Jewish Outreach Organisation does good work with intermarried couples, and is a pro-active and reasonable response to intermarriage.

Your posts continue to be well articulated responses to some of the crass nonsense out there. Franz Auerbach, zichrono livracha, always said it is important to challenge lies and misrepresentation with written responses

Gemar chatima tova


Thanks Immanuel,
Always look forward to reading your thoughts.

Will take a look at the link.

Gmar Chatimah Tovah

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