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September 04, 2007



Haim Ramon made a good point today, reported by JPost, regarding cutting water, electricity and fuel supplies to Gaza. His point was essentially, in my opinion, pure logic. How can we continue to supply these people when they continue trying to kill our children?

I cannot fathom how Israel has any moral, ethical or legal obligation to let the fine residents of Gaza do anything but but die of starvation, thirst, cold and drowning in their own sewerage. These people voted in Hamas whose policy even at the time was to kill us. And if one thing can be said they're trying very hard to keep to their word. Their little coup only strengthened the control gave them absolute control of - and therefor responsibility for - Gaza.

Providing them with the continued to fight a war with us is not humane its idiocy.


Khaled Abu Toameh from the JPost reported yesterday that it looks like there is an armed uprising in Gaza against Hamas.

There was a photo of a rock wielding Palestinian throwing a rock at a Hamas opponent. Quite an historic image.



You talk of logic and idiocy. With regard to any other state... But in the case of Israel, the way the world acts toward it is aptly summarized by the name of this very website (or take off that "almost" if you're a believer).


ZY - I am a believer. The name is meant to tease...

Glad we still on speaking terms :-)


I am sure the football (soccer) fans amongst your readers will be able to recall memories of a superb goal on the field being accompanied by "you know that will be in the top 10 for goal of the season come May" from Martin Tylor.

May I be the first to state, that this posting will be in the top 10 for post of the season come the blog awards. Superbly informative and so thorough. Thanks for the incredible service gents!! I may not agree with your political leanings sometimes - but WOW, you make such a difference to the ability of South African and world zionists to understand the conflict.

Joel Pollak

A great entry!


There seems to be Arabic writing on some of the rocket casings.

Can anyone tell me what this writing says? I note that during times of war active soldiers have written messages over bombs and missiles - I'd just like some more insight over what is written here.

(I have my suspicions - but I need a confirmation or refutation of the content of these "missile messages")

Anyone got any idea? Is it possible to ask the people who pick up the remnants of these missiles to translate? I would be very interested to hear what these messages say.


Thank you for posting these pics, which the hate-America-hate-Israel hatemongers/blind would Rather(TM) never depict.
Those pics really say a lot about who we're up against and those who support them.
Very powerful essay, well done.


Gersh, Joel, mortfaucheur - Thanks.

Drk - I have uploaded an additional image where some writing is clearer to see. The writing has alot of numbers and in some cases seems to be Hebrew. Perhaps descriptions added by Israel after they fell for record keeping purposes?


Some of the writing is Hebrew and looks newer, the older yellow writing seems to be arabic.

I think a loose translation of the arabic would be something along the lines of:

"We really want peace and a two-state solution with secure borders, we do not want to kill all Jews, which is why we're only sending these innocent "home made" projectiles at nursery schools on the first day of class. Let's "negotiate".
Lot's of love, your new neighbours, Hamas.

P.S. thanks for Gush Katif we had fun destroying it, it definitely helped us "strengthen" the moderates ... off the roof of the building.
P.P.S. death to the zionist entity.
P.P.P.S. ahmadenijad and nasralla send love too"



Glad we still on speaking terms :-)

Maybe it's just me, but treating blogging like it has the same emotional commitments and attachments as real life is something I can't understand. For me, Al Gore's invention (wink) is just a tool.

God bless.

Hard Rain

I'm sure the guys at IAS will be pleased to note that this post was featured at the incredibly large and syndicated Little Green Footballs blog:


As far as cutting off food, water and power to Gaza, I agree that they don't deserve it, but I also think that Israel is playing the right hand by continuing to provide it, so that they can retain the ability to hurt Hamas by cutting them off at will.



This issue of Bitterlemons (Yossie Alpher at least) touches on your thoughts.

Bitterlemons - The boycott of Gaza


yeah congrats on being featured at LGF. I'm sure the M&G, and the rest of the SA media were quick to condemn this act of Palestinian terrorism on their front pages, like I'm sure it will be raining frogs over Joburg tomorrow.

I've been in Israel a year now btw, still practically on the Lebanon border.

On a somewhat depressing note, I find the Jews here in Israel to be as clueless on average about the nature and extent of the jihad bent on annihilating us all as so many Diaspora Jews are. The denial here is as bad as it is in the Diaspora, something I did not expect. I mean how do you explain Ha'Eretz otherwise? Most of the Jews in Tel Aviv are like the Jews in NY, California, Toronto, Cape Town, Sydney, clueless know-nothing PC pseudoliberals. It is so depressing, and dismaying. the truth is too terrible to face, so they don't face it. Considerable levels of self-loathing too, just like back home. I thought Israeli Jews were not as meshugena as the rest of us, they can't afford to be, but they are.



I'm sure you have noticed vast differences in Israelis. As was discussed here not long ago its hard to define the 'typical' Israeli stereotype. The same differences exist in levels of appreciation the global geopolitical situation. To describe the Jews here as "clueless" is to miss this point. Usually my opinion on sweeping generalizations is less than liberal - where there is smoke there is fire and stereotypes exist for a reason. But I feel that this is an exception, there are such large segments of the Israeli population that are clued up that one can no longer generalize.

That said the level of ignorance one does find is a disgrace and rivals even the most hick, country bumpkin, redneck, South Carolina automechanic.


As far as I can see, the inscriptions on some of the Qassams are dates and addresses (probably of the rocket strike).

hello from LGF.

good blog entry! i will be honest, this is one of the first time i've seen a video of israelis running for cover during a quassam attack. I wish they would show it on the news here... maybe people would open their eyes.

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