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September 20, 2007


"After failing to hear from Weekender editor Tim Cohen"
Why am I not surpried that the editor has a typcially Jewish name.
It seems Jews of the 'burn Israel' crowd are crawling out the woodwork everyday.


That lobby you speak of will flippantly respond saying that you a lobby pressuring the press. As you said, you shall not complain about their Israel articles.


The fact is that the 'burn Israel' lobby has complete monopoly over the media, civil society, academia and government in South Africa, and very, very little space is given to not only pro-Israeli views but even views calling for a balance.
South Africa is the most agressively anti-Israel society outside of the Islamic world.
Adnd for Jews, like me, that constitutes an attack on my very Jewish being, regardless of the echo by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies that SA is the best place in the world for Jews and there is no anti-Semitism and that we must trade off by sacrificing our support for Israel for a safe place in the ANC ruled-New SA.
As I see it an attack on Jews anywhere, including Israel!, is an attack on Jews everywhere.
I know that this view is very unpopular, even among pro-Israel people like the people here, and that everyone else here says that one must NEVER equate anti-Israel hate with anti-Semitism, and there is no anti-Semitism in SA, and that there never could be such a thing as anti-Semitism in the non-racial rainbow utopia of the New SA, not like Europe and the USA,where there is supposedly a holocaust just waiting to happen, and that no one on the Left could ever be an anti-Semite, as anti-Semitism is a purely rightwing phenonemon.
And I might sound repetative, and some will say I am getting boring and that my commentary should be more nuanced and more subtle and more intellectual, but getting people to see that not all is well for the Jews in the New SA and that hatred of Israli Jews effects Jews everywhere is like banging one's head against a brick wall.


And perhaps I am tired of hearing from SA Jews, at dinner parties and family gatherings, that we are just soooo lucky to live in SA as there is no anti-Semitism here, and that the ANC regime is not at all anti-Semitic as they have not done anyhting to the SOUTH AFRICAN Jews (as if one's attitude towards South African Jews alone constitutes one's level of anti-Semitism:how many South African Jews did the Nazis kill during the holocaust) and that if you want to see real anti-Semitism you must go to Europe and America (because we know the only real anti-Semitism is from the rightwing) and that the reason the SA government and society wants to anihilate Israel and every Jew there to the last child, is that Israel discriminates against the Arabs and that further more we are sooo lucky to be living in SA because if there is a nuclear war we will be safe from the nucleus (as if it doesnt matter that we are watching five million fellow Jews dying in Israel) and that the governments support for totalitarian and terrorist regimes is our saving grace as SA will never expereince terrorism, and that the SA governemnt have done so much to help the Jews with security (as if Jews around the world are not one people, and that Jews in South Africa are not living in a vacuum).


Let me sign off for Yom Kippur by saying this.
Each one of us has our own things to atone for and deal with in personal relationships and personal deeds etc.
And for that I cannot give judgement advice or judgement to anyone other than myself.
But as a community I believe South African Jewry need to examine it's total indifference (and often hostility) to our fellow Jews in Israel and ponder this.
It is a well know principle that G-D interacts MIDA KENEGED MIDA. As a person acts towards his fellow man, so to speak, G-D acts towards him. If the Jews in the Galut act with such indifference or, even worse, with hostility towards the dangers faced by Jews in Israel, how do they expect G-D to treat them when they will be endangered?

Hard Rain

I don't think that there's some kind of organized lobby for these types of absurdities. I'm inclined to think that it's more a sort of unspoken and self-propelling mentality among such people which fosters itself independently but is fed co-dependently.

I'm reminded of a quote Ambassador Chaim Herzog used in his speech to the UN in 1975 from Paul Johnson:

"The world is increasingly governed not so much by capitalism, or communism, or social democracy, or even tribal barbarism, as by a false lexicon of political cliches, accumulated over half a century and now assuming a kind of degenerate sacerdotal authority.... We all know what they are...."


Anonymous: As far as I know Tim Cohen is not Jewish. I don't think it matters.

Hard Rain: You probably right. Still, I think there is more of a case for arguing about a Palestine lobby here than there is about arguing about an Israel lobby in the US.


You should see how the American 'liberal' online media is kvelling over the visit of Iran's president. I don't know whether it's sickening or hysterically funny. In either case you'd come away from Kos or with the idea that not only is it a good thing to be holocaust denying genocidal maniac but that any criticism, any at all is 'proof' of the global Jewspiracy attempting to crush that voice of peace and freedom. It's insane. Truly insane.||rihanna nude||rihanna naked


"hundreds of thousands of largely Christian, black Africans in Darfur by the largely Muslim, Jangaweed militias of Arab origin"??? that's a joke. Pretty much all in Darfur are Muslim and there is no disticntion between Arab and black in racial terms.


very little space is given to not only pro-Israeli views but even views calling for a balance???

what balance? that's like saying there should have been a pro-apartheid and anit-apartheid balance in global media pre-94

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