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August 28, 2007



Don't you mean, "the ANC does not YET need fear mongering in order to win elections"

The other question is, surely the ANC should start getting used to the idea of losing an election, isn't that the point of democracy, to offer people a choice of leadership from which to choose?

The premise that the ANC is the only true representative of freedom in SA sounds Orwellian.


Hillel, yes. I changed it.


To call South Africa's system of government a democracy is to insult the system of government called democracy. (Not I think democracy is the perfect system but as Churchill said - Its better than every other one we've tried yet).

Democracy is based on a number of principles. Firstly the population elects those people who make the decisions - note that this is different to the people making the decisions themselves.

Secondly, the mechanism the prevents the elected officials from becoming an autocracy is the knowledge that should they do what is not in the best interests of the state and its people, the will be voted out.

Thirdly, working in a democracy requires an acknowledgment that whilst you may disagree with the opposition he nevertheless also wants (what he believes to be) the best for the country. If this last step is not in place then the natural progression is to a situation where one will compromise on any and all principles in order to beat the opposition because he does not want what you deem as best for the state, and is therefor the enemy. - this then is an autocracy.

South Africa has none of these. The closest the come is on the first step. Yes the SA population votes, but it is not on the basis of a knowledge of policy but rather on historical, and even tribal, loyalty. It is clear from previous election results that number two is absent - re-election is a given, regardless of performance due to the same loyalties. And thirdly, from Steve's piece, it is clear that the mutual respect is all but non existent.

Essentially South Africa has an elected autocracy. Is there another country with similar conditions. Hmmm, let me think. Ah yes, I'll give you a clue. It starts with a Z and ends with imbabwe!


I have a confession to make. I really struggled to understand the article. I ahve never been good with Commie speak. Sentences are to long and convoluted. Sometimes think they just copy pages out of Marx and change the appropriate words. Proletariat with national democratic in this case.

There is a lot frightening (and I choose that word carefully)about that article but Hillel has hit a major one on the head.

They see themselves as the sole representatives of democracy in this country. A democractic Hegemon. Sees like an oxymoron to me.

It actually reminds me of a certain Chariman who used to claim that his organisation was the sole representative of the Palestinian people. Perhaps that where they got the idea from.

The Blacklisted Dictator

I also found Mbeki's revolutionary rhetoric incomprehensible, but
unlike most of the South African electorate, I only have an honours
degree in political science. I obviously bunked too many lectures on
Marx and am now paying a terrible price.
It is, however, extremely encouraging to know that the average voter
can understand exactly what he is saying. This is evidence that he
truly is a "man of the people".
For those of you who criticize education ( along with health) in South
Africa, it is obvious that you are racist bourgeois idiots who will
meet their comeuppance when the proletariat take their black Porsche
It has also occurred to me that Mbeki's letter might be aimed at the
central committee of the Chinese communist party? If so, it is a real
shame that there isn't a Chinese translation on the ANC website.


Anthony, it is becoming more and more clear that the entire political and social system of the New South Africa is being modelled on Red China.

Daily SA will move closer into the Sino-Islamic Axis and embrace totalitarianism and evil.

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