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August 20, 2007


The Blacklisted Dictator

The logic of the attached VOC report (and The FXI obviously subscribes
to it) is that Bassem Eid and Pogrund are spokesmen for "apartheid"
Israel. They must therefore be stopped from putting forward the
"Zionist / apartheid" viewpoint.
It seems that only those who believe in Israel's destruction should be
allowed on The SABC. This is "freedom of expression" as far as The FXI
is concerned.
According to this logic there can be no debate on The SABC re whether
Israel is actually "apartheid".
One would have to conclude that The Hamas viewpoint is the only one
that The SABC should be allowed to broadcast.
I wonder, however, whether Hamas should also be allowed to broadcast
it's anti-semitic charter on The SABC? Or would Jane Duncan (exec
director of FXI) think that would be a step too far? Perhaps The FXI
can now clarify its position on whether Hamas's anti-semitic charter
should be broadcast on The SABC ?

"According to the PSG and PSC, during the Apartheid era the SABC was
partial to the Israeli state and to Zionism. “As South Africans who
fought for a democratic dispensation in South Africa, we expect that
our public broadcaster will stop putting forward the Zionist viewpoint
and will end the broadcaster’s bias in favour of the illegal Israeli
occupation. Did the world’s media insist on ‘balance’ whenever they
interviewed a member of South Africa’s liberation movements? Did they
also insist on the presence of a spokesperson on behalf of Apartheid
South Africa?

The public broadcaster in a society that has just overcome legislated
racism and is struggling to throw off the shackles of centuries of
dispossession and of poverty must be on the side of those who are
victims of racism, colonialism and apartheid and cannot pretend to want
to be balanced. When faced with the reality of an oppressive apartheid
regime with vast resources for propaganda, the SABC must give the
stronger voice to the oppressed and subjugated,” the joint statement
signed by Mercia Andrews, Makoma Lekalakala and Salim Vally concluded."


The story of the dissolution of Apartheid is not yet done and at present, seems headed for failure.

The ANC is as firmly entrenched as the Nats were and are consolidating to hang to power. Racism formally exists via the BEE. Productivity seems to be declining and the government appears to deliberately lack the political will to tackle the crime problem that makes South Africa the world's most dangerous country. Foreign policy has turned decidedly against the west and is actually supportive of the genocidal regimes of Zimbabwe, Sudan and Iran.

That the world is not owning up to all this does not alter the fact that we need to reconsider the concept of taking working countries and handing them over to sundry claimants.


Greenmamba, I don’t think you draw the right conclusion from South Africa’s problems.

Firstly the ANC which represents the majority of South Africans particularly black South Africans were hardly sundry claimants. Secondly the failure of independent African regimes does not justify colonialism and Apartheid.


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