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August 22, 2007


Joel Pollak

In case you don't have time to watch, here's a decent review from the Chicago Tribune: Chicago Tribune link


I watched it last night. It suffered from the usual inability to shed Ms. Amanpour's biases. A twist of logic here and there. A distortion of facts and a false picture of equalivalence between Jewish extremists and Palestinian extremists behaviours. (No reference to quality or quantity in making the judgement of equalivalence.) I was disappointed but not surprised.


I was actually shocked. I think it is the worst documentary I have seen on CNN. It was, bias aside, really bad. It was sensationalistic in the extreme, showed no analysis and worst of all had no theme. Maybe I am stupid but I don’t know what the security barrier has to do with the settler of Hebron. In fact they oppose it. Really shoddy journalism. I expected more.


And should Jews who legally purchase Arab land in East Jerusalem be portrayed alongside Jewish terrorists like Baruch Goldstein and co?

Are they going to portray the Arabs in moderate Jordan who have rules prohibiting the selling of any land to Jews alongside murderous suicide bombers?

The complete infatuation with AIPAC and the Carter book was also outrageous. To support AIPAC and criticise Carter now means that you are one of God's Jewish Warriors?



They completely sided with the Palestinian on key political events.

They described Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount as the cause of the intifada.

They described the breakdown of peace talks in 2000 as disagreements over the temple mount. Why do they need to hide the fact that Israel agreed to the Clinton parameters which awarded the Palestinians full sovereignty to the above surface of the temple mount and sovereignty to Israel below the surface - i.e. a shared sovereignty.

So while Israel was willing to share sovereignty over their Holiest area, the Palestinians were the ones clinging to maximalist total victory demands.

I have no problem with a show highlighting radical extremist (and even terrorist) Jews but why should that show then automatically sideline Israel's narrative on all key political points?


Am I the only person not surprised that al-jaCNN and Islami-aan Amanpour didn't produce a program that was unbiased or overly "human-face"?

(Pamela @ Atlas has a little less subtle nomenclature)


So according to Amampour Jews are terrorists for simply living in an area of the Ancient Jewish homeland, as much as a Hamas suicide bomber is a terrorist.
Is Judea and Samaria the only place in the world where being a certain religion and living there and makes you a terrorist and criminal.
I mean even during Aparthied in SA, Blacks living in areas set aside for Whites were removed, but were not describes as terrorists simply for living there.


And how moderate was the Mufti? Sitting there on his thrown all benevolent. Even when he said there was no Jewish temple ever in Palestine, it appeared so rational. I mean he is the bloody extremist.

But my worst was when on mentioning Kind David she showed a picture of the renaissance statute. That is what david may mean to her but it mean a hell of a lot more to us as Jews. And I speak here as a secular Jew! She made no attempt to understand our narrative. Of course what Baruch Goldstein et al did was wrong. What I thought the purpose of the documentary was to try get into their heads. It was so superficial.

Hillel, I actually was shocked. I guess I am very naive but I actually was looking forward to the piece. I thought it may have valuable insights. Perhaps explain what happens when religions or ideas are taken to their extreme. But that is not what she did. She attempted to tar Israel and the entire Jewish people with the same brush as them. It is actually what Young Zionist said the other day, in the end the world sees me and baruch Goldstein as the same.


I would ask these people how a two year old Jewish child can be a terrorist just for living in Judea?


Perhaps the same way that a Jewish child was marked for extermination for living in Europe during World War II.


Settlers who she considers warriors. LOL She had nothing to show, so what she focused is how America has a big Jewish lobby and Israel gets big support from US.

When she showed Islam yesterday, I thought I was watching a show about Islam and how good and modest this religion is. She showed a little bit in the beginning how radicals blow up "infidels" Then she showed bin laden but somehow she showed him in a good way. How Muslims try to defend themselves from the West. How they are modest and kind and how they are pro democracy XA XAXA. And only the last ten minuted she showed one suicide bomer in Israel who killed many people. Nothing how they kill children and blow up buses and night clubs. But she made sure she would show how some Jewish Settlers wanted to blow up Muslim girl school.
Also, when she showed Ahmadejan or what ever his stupid name she mentioned his threat to the world. And what did she show? When he was saying how West is bad for Muslims. Nothing about distruction of Israel or Holocaust.

I am soooooo disappointed with her, she is totally bias even is she tries to show that she is not.


We all know what CNN is like.
I have some bumper stickers with the message:

The Blacklisted Dictator

Interesting that Amanpour is married to James Rubin. He was an advisor
to John Kerry and former assistant to Clinton.

Amanpour's father is a Muslim. Her mother is British. She spent her
childhood in Iran pre-Khomeni.


"Interesting that Amanpour is married to James Rubin. He was an advisor to John Kerry and former assistant to Clinton."

She could just as well have married Ilan Pappe and been right at home.

John Kerry!
Have a Look at this pic from TigerHawk.blogspot


Two articles on the series I thought were worth a read.

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