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August 27, 2007



SO he defended/denied his anti-semitic comments with the following canards?

"My advocate and attorney are both Jews. My doctor is Jewish and all my friends and people I play cards with are Jews"

He forgot to mention that his diamond dealer, actuary, accountant, pharmacist, dentist and money-lender were also Jewish.

Clearly he was accused of all these horrible things as an attack by malicious anti-semites in a smear campaign to discredit him for only making friends with the Elders of Zion.

Steve wrote : "That said, as Chris Roper explained, they're not exactly the party of tolerance."
But then neither are the ANC.


I don't think that's fair, the ANC is very tolerant of everyone who drinks, uh, tows the party line, just ask Manto.


I thought I recognised the name. It seems that not only does Chabaan have a word for every occassion, but a woman too.

He also has a very original response to the accusation, I recall once hearing it in nursery school paraphrased as "it's your mom, not mine"

It's a good thing that the leadership of SA is attracting such high calibre candidates.,,2-7-12_2173589,00.html

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