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July 17, 2007



I think it makes a great point. G8 summit after G8 summit we hear calls for the West to give aid to Africa cancel debt etc. These people just think that we can throw money at the problem. Development is far more complex than that. Property rights is a good start.


The problem is that Western objective in giving aid and African needs are not necessarily congruent. Ex-neocon Francis Fukuyama echoes Kransdorff’s point that trillions of dollars of aid have done little at best and at worst hurt development in Africa. Western donors what quick fixes. They need headlines and pictures outside new clinic/schools to justify giving away their citizen hard earned taxes. Long term, pictureless solutions like private property just won’t do. Bono and co should be putting pressure on western governments not to just give aid but invest in domestic institutions and economic systems. I think Kransdorff should be lobbying them to do just that.


Great point Mike,
Its the central lesson I have learned from reading Joel Pollak's blog - the importance of institution building.

The wealthy donors need to focus on institution building aide tied to and dependant on the contries adopting reformed outlooks on property rights.

I also like the suggested approach to get the ball rolling. You need to try it in one or two nations and then build on the 'me too' chants.

I didn't realise that Mozambique and Burkina Faso nations that might consider this approach. I need to start reading about Burkina Faso.

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