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July 04, 2007



Mike wrote "And if the government refuses, then we should look into the possibility of suing him for hate speech".
I agree, but possibly in an international forum/court, because civil society here is clearly dominated by the ANC/SACP.


cricket's chirping from the FXI?


I love it when archeology lends a hand and presents us with proof that we were here long before the PA.


That is exactly the reason why the 'Palestinians' reject to excavations, claming it is defiling their mosques, even if it miles away.
They fear the emergence of more evidence that we were in the Land of Israel millenia before tehm

Eretz Yisrael l'Am Israel.


In that vein, look what I just saw on Arutz Sheva

Kasrils is from the bottom of the scum barrel.


And yet when you think he cannot get any lower, he always does!

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