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July 19, 2007



You are defintely well-meaning for Rwanda, but Rusesabagina has had you the way he has had gullible Westerners. He knows how to exploit the sympathy of well-intentioned people and groups and has even solicited money from them.

Everybody should ponder:

....why those he 'saved' had to pay for their accommodation;
....why those unable to pay were turned away from Hotel des Mille Collines;
....why his charity organisation has never helped any orphan;
....why he claims that there is another genocide in the offing when everybody else sees different;
....why his business in Zambia is flourishing;
....why he is doing business with powerfull Zambians who are shielding genocidaires;

His ill-guised political ambitions have led him into genocide negation and that is a crime against humanity.

Help dig deeper and expose the truth about Rusesabagina to the world.

Help re-enforce the "NEVER AGAIN!" slogan by combatting the genocide apologists.

Butapa, Rwandan in Kigali

(survivor of the 1994 genocide)



If what you are say is true then that is truelly horrible of him. However similar things can be said of Oskar Schindker The fact remains that even if he turned away people and that is unforgivable he still saved some. You may not agree with this and that is your prerogative.

Also would you please provide some links for your claims?


Hi Butapa,
Allow me, if I may, to ask you how you found this blog.

Thanks for your provocative comments. I haven't read enough about Rwanda to stake an opinion in the ground. My views are heavily tinted my Rusesabagina because I just read his book. Perhaps you can recommend some other reading for me.

Here however is a link to an interesting article from the producer of Hotel Rwanda dealing with similar accusations that you have made: Smearing a Hero

I have read other people who do give glowing accounts of Rwanda, making it seem as if the place is starting to flourish and that Rusesabagina's outlook couldn't be further from the truth. Here is an example of such an article The New Rwanda. I will link to this on the main entry page to counter Rusesabagina's outlook.

Butapa, do you know of any survivors in South Africa? I heard there are quite a number.


I think you make a good point. Also, Rusesabagina doesnt hide the fact that he charged people. He did it in the beginning to make it look like the hotel was running as per normal. And if people didn't have money he sort of took "IOUs".

He did inevitably become connected with many evil men (loosely connected in that he had their contact details and was perhaps on cordial terms with them) and explains his justification for this in the book.

He never knew who he may need help from so would sit down and have a cordial conversation with anyone, even people he knew were involved with the interahamwe militia.

One of these guys later helped save the people he was protecting - the relationship he developed with this man proved life saving.

It triggers complex questions about what you will do in order to look after yourself...


To clarify:

Rusesabagina says that he did NOT ask anyone for money to stay in the hotel. He does write "some guests of mine who were wealthy came to me with a proposal that they would sign a letter of guarantee promising to pay Sabena [who owned the hotel] when the trouble was over, and I accepted this. But nobody was asked for money."

"One exception to the rule was liquor. Those who could afford it were allowed to buy cocktails and bottles of beer - and I used the proceeds to help buy food. It was one way of passing the hat."


I listened to this story on audio book and was amazed at how this man managed to save some---who else tried even 1/10th as much as he did---He is certainly a hero.

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