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July 25, 2007


Hard Rain

See also Operation Moses in Ethiopia and then talk about the "racism" of Zionism.


Also in 1977, Israel took in several thousand Vietnamese boat people, who had been rejected by a plethora of other countries.


In the 1990s Israel took in hundreds of Muslims from the Balkans during the war there.

One of them is Sara Pechanek. Carte Blanche did a documentary on her. During the Holocaust her parents saved a Jewish family.

Years later, when she was living in war torn Serbia (I think it was Serbia but may be wrong) Israel took her and her family in (along with about a hundred others). Today they are citizens of Israel. Sara eventually decided to convert to Judaism.


But people will simply go on believing what they want to believe...that Israel is a 'racist'' 'apartheid' 'nazi' state.
They have made up their minds. Don't confuse them with the facts!


Question: The article talks about the Sudeanese refugees here being Muslims - alot of the press here talks about the refugees being Christians persecuted by Muslims in Sudan?


I believe that most of the refugees that arrived where Christian Sudanese from the south of Sudan; not the Muslim refugees from Darfur.

I think that Israel accepted a nominal number of the small amount of refugees that arrived from Darfur.

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