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June 13, 2007


Hard Rain

Steve, I believe you're refering to Paul's (Saul of Tarsus') revelation on the road to Damascus, not Peter...


Kasrils is doing what Arafat did. Dennis Ross speaks eloquently about how Arafat killed the peace process by refusing to accept the religious claims of his opponents.

Kasrils could not accept that the Jews would retain the Western wall. He argued that the temple never stood in Jerusalem. Imagine Israel refused to grant the Palestinians sovereignty over the temple Mount (which they did agree to) claiming that Mohammed never ascended to heaven from that spot!

In the negotiations both sides needed to accept the religious claims of the other. They did not need to believe them, but they needed to accept that the other side believes them.

You can't negotiate whilst denying the fundamental beleifs of your opponents.

Kasrils has shown that he (and South Africa because as has been said many times before, the ANC does not allow Cabinet ministers to have personal opinions) intend to worsen the Middle East situation rather than improve it. They are doing this by hardening the position of the Palestinians, encouraging them to hold out for TOTAL VICTORY.

This conflict will never end if either side believes it can attain a total victory.

Kasrils should be sacked.


Aside: it's Judaism, not Judiasm.

(Apologies for being such a stickler)

I'm sure you've noticed Zapiro's latest offering (see today's M&G) of the two school children. Aside from the usual nonsense reflected in his writing on the board, what is really fun to appreciate is the old "bittere gelegte", at the truism that we always come out looking stronger, more in control and more secure in the anti-semitic press.

With respect to the caption on the board, what Zapiro seems to forget is that Israel is amongst the more concerned about genuine HR violations (e.g. Darfur - have you heard of any other countries accepting sudanese refugees? or any other country's press complaining that the refugees aren't being treated well enough?), the other irony is that if anything it really is a case of "them or us" and for Zapiro not to acknowledge that is naive/stupid/self deceiving or all of the above.


Kasrils should be sacked? Definately.. But won't happen, Mbeki refers to Hamas as his brothers and supports their struggle.

More here:

"...we would like to convey to our brothers and sisters in the Fatah and Hamas the same message that [the late African National Congress president] Oliver Tambo conveyed to the-then struggling people of South Africa."

The Blacklisted Dictator

Perhaps The SAJBD has advised The Chief Rabbi to distance himself from the Kasrils controversy? It is debatable whether that is an astute political strategy. It would be interesting to read Joel Pollak's comment.


"If the Israelites were never in Egypt than the Jewish festival of Passover is a fraud. But worse, if the Jews never wandered in the desert, than they could not have received the Torah on Mount Sinai. And by denying the receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai, Kasrils is denying the validity of Judaism itself".
And he is also denying the validity of Christianity.
The churches should demmand that this venomous hate-monger be removed.


Good point Gary, in fact he'd be denying the Muslim tradition too (though the extent to which they genuinely practice & learn the "old testament" is debatable). Cricket's chirping from all the Imam's in SA! Obviously it must be ok to insult the Prophet Muhammad as long as it's for purposes of delegitimising Jews.


The Minister of Intelligence should get the facts straight. I highly recommend Kenneth Kitchen's mmonumental masterpiece "On the Reliability of the Old Testament".


That is the sick thing about modern Islam today.
They will jump into bed with absolutely anyone who hates Israel, no matter what else they stand for.
Atheist communists, homosexuals, radical lesbi-feminists.
Most of Islam today stands first and foremost for hatred of Israel and her friends, and the rest is subsidiary.
This is not the religion as it was 50 years ago.

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