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June 20, 2007



Since a google search on David reveals NO comment of his on the situation in the ME (whatsoever), I'll assume he's perfectly "neutral" and unbiased.

That leaves what appears to be a perfectly balanced panel that should have lead to a very interesting debate ...

(Watch out for that flash flood of sarcasm ...)


What did Ferial Haffajee say in the debate? As editor of The Mail and
Guardian she is extremely even-handed in her coverage of the Israel/
Palestinian conflict. Her columnist, Ronno Einstein never distorts
history or the facts and she only uses "double standards" when Jews who
incorrectly dispute his version of events write to the paper.
If democracy, freedom and human rights etc are to be upheld it is
crucial that Ferial's approach is supported at all times. She refuses
to answer my emails but that is only because she has a full time job
finding space in The Mail and Guardian for Ronno Einstein's perceptive
and truthful analysis of Zionism and events in the Middle East.



The question I highlighted was referred to David. David replied that Palestinians don't get a fair amount of coverage and that he needs to rely on his favourite journalist Robert Fisk to ask the right questions!

For readers who don't know, Ferial Haffegee is the editor of the Mail & Guardian.

David Manyao was described as an "international relations expert".

Do you know who Prof Solomon is? Here is an article from him in the JPOST .

This link is for a search for him on this blog. - IAS Search - Hussein Solomon


She said that Israel reminds her of apartheid because Chris McGreal did an article for her showing the similarities.

She did however, to her credit, say that we mustn't let this deflect attention away from other travesties of justice like Burma etc...


What is the diffrence between the M&G and MSG (Monosodium Glutimate).
MSG is better for your health than the M&G.


Check out this video:

I'm pretty sure that didn't make headlines at the SABC!


You know what annoys me most about the anti-Israel hostiltity is that the vast majority have never sat down to think of the rights or wrongs of the situation.
They automatically hate Israel and support the Palestinians, because that is simply the thing to do if you are on the Left.


This Sunday, South African Bulls@#t Corporation (SABC) talk show “Not in the Public Interest”

The truth must be avoided at all costs.

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