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June 01, 2007



These are sad reminders about why the Jewish community worldwide needs to be vigilant and alert about what is happening around us.


Dear friends - chaverim yekarim

Two comments: which of you have seen the film "The Secret"? It helps explain how when we constantly give our attention to anti-Semitism, we help it to manifest. We could give at least as much of our attention to the sea of philo-semitism out there. Are we a community of fear or of faith? And if of faith, faith in what?

Secondly Kasrils cannot help himself. Like all of us he is caught up in internal and external forces beyond his control and the law of unintended consequences applies to him as it does to all. He cannot change his positon and everything he does digs him deeper and deeper in these entrenched positions. History is an unfolding dialectic - when the ANC and COSATU and the SACP (and more importantly the mindset they are manifestations of )implode in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years time then all the policies associated with the current headset will be thrown out, including the projections and morbid fascnation with Israel - the process can be speeded up but it is going to get worse before it gets better, just as thngs will with Iran.

We need to look at what we can build: friendships with Christian and Hindu and moderate Moslem organisations. Strengthening Jewish diversity. Enriching Jewish culture. Knocking on the doors that are opening rather than those that are shutting. Building a more inclusive and flexible Jewish identity, rather than the somewhat brittle and threatened one many of us currently have.

Kind regards and may every single one of you, including Jack Bloom and Ronnie Kasrils be blessed - every single person is a wake up call from G-d, and the question is: what are we being woken up to??

Yehi shalom becheylech ve shalva bearmonortayich.


Further two my prervious comments two quotations from Rav Kook, zicharon tzadikim livracha:

"If we were to be utterly destroyed and if the world were to be destroyed with us by the hatred that is without reason, we would return to be built up again, and the world would be built up again with us, by the undiscerning love that has no cause"

"The righteous and pure of heart
do not cry out against wickedness
They add justice
They do not cry ut against denial
They add faith
They do not cry out against ingnorance
They add wisdom"

Your site , by informing people of perspectives not often aired, is adding wisdom, and for that you are doing a great service to all

shabat shalom


Thanks Immanuel.

I haven't seen the film.


Well done Immanuel, some sense at last - and presumably the kind of response from the the Jewish community that the ANC MP was hoping for.

The Jewish community seems to overwhelmingly support Israel, often very uncritically. Challenging this - critiquing this - is not anti-Semitic - in the same way that we need to challenge the Muslim community not to allow their sympathy for Palestinians to venture into anti-Semitism.

Peace to you to, Achi.

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