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May 28, 2007



I think it's very important to ensure that the protestors boycott ALL Israeli products. I think we should assist them in identifying such products to help them in their mission. Naturally, since they are not hypocrites and are all of sound mind, sound conscience and have no alternative agenda they will be sure not to use any of the following which may, or usually do, include Israeli made parts:
- All computers
- Various electronic goods
- Many fruits
- Cellular phones
Feel free to extend the list and help them publish it.

And of course, once they're finished boycotting Israeli goods, we should assist them to extend their righteous campaign to not use goods of any discriminatory or dictatorial government, including (but not limited to, again feel free to add):
- China
- Zimbabwe (that shouldn't be too difficult except for illegal workers)
- Myanmar
- Libya, Iran, Saidu Arabia, Syria etc
- Chile
- Darfur (again, not too difficult)

Further, since the Great Satan (USA), is (ostensibly) the only reason that the Little Satan (Israel) is able to continue its evil practices, I trust they will boycott American goods too. Including, but not limited to, all evil and licentious sitcoms used by the USA's ZOG government to spread its deceptive lies, vices and corruption.

Strength to the Struggle


Together in :)


Hillel has not included the various superb medical technologies used throughout the world. Nor the agricultural investment made by Israel throughout Africa.

Hard Rain

Any Jewish/Zionist organizations planning to counter-protest? Myself and some friends (who are ostensibly atheist) would like to counter-protest against Palestinian terror as well as against the actions of their government which act to stifle the progress to a peaceful solution.


Hard Rain, what is your e mail adress. I would like to contact you re your plans for counter-protests.

James Clark

Seriously, is anyone planning a counter-demonstration?

Some of us are getting sick of the horrific bias in South African foreign policy.

Hard Rain

Hi Gary

Email is: hardrainsa at gmail dot com

Please also CC to: generalkoffi at gmail dot com



Let's counter-protest by insisting on human rights, equality for women, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, the right to vote for all citizens, equal status before the law ...

for all Israeli citizens in the eyes of the government now occupying Gaza and intending to occupy the so-called West Bank (West of what you ask?) Let's also insist that all countries, (INCLUDING) those friendly Sharia compliant desert dwelling chaps who are such good neighbours to the evil zionist empire, work to achieve these ends.

By the way, while my sarcastic inspiration lasts, does anyone know of some good blogs from "the other side" where I can post and at least get some invective in response?


Counter protests sound like a good idea. For it to be succesful we would need lots of people. I wonder if SAUJS have anything planned.

Hard Rain, keep me in the loop with any ideas you have.


"On 8 June, most constituent members of the Campaign will hold pickets
outside selected stores selling Israeli goods, with a call for South Africans to boycott products from Israel."

An interesting idea. I wonder where they got it from. Do you remember that The Nazis in Germany demanded that shoppers boycott Jewish shops?


Hard Rain

I agree with Hillel's ideas. Primarily I'd also like to be out at the events with digital cameras just to record videos and stills of the events. I've got a feeling they won't be unlike the recent week-long anti-Israel event at UC Irvine in the US...


Perhaps, if you have adequate man power protest at the same time, outside the same venues calling for rights to vote, women's rights, end to honour killings, end to torture, etc with placards specifically implicating the major offenders: Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria et al.

Instead of being seen to be trying to fight the protest, rather expand it and deflect it, using its own momentum to make it into something bigger than it is, but not focused on Israel.


Hard Rain, I will also try and take some photos if I get a chance.

For me, the most effective way of responding would be to urge people to go on an Israeli goods spending spree at the stores that will be picketed.

Many people will feel intimidated about buying Israeli products. That is the main thing that needs to be countered. There is a real danger that store owners will be intimidated into stopping future purchases of Israeli goods.

I will go buy some Israeli made orange juice and then drink it in front of the angry seething protestors. I will be kind enough to bring enough paper cups to offer some to the protestors.

Hillel makes a great point though. Intel's largest chip manufacturing lab is in Israel. They should boycott Intel for supporting the Israeli economy. Yet how many of these hypocrites continue to use Intel inside PC's?
I reckon Electronic Intifada is updated with PC's made in Israel!

As for all the drip irrigation projects that are being pushed in SA, we should urge these protestors to go rip out the irrigation pipes and ruin the great work that has benefitted so many farmers with newly acquired land.

As for mourning the result of the 6 day war this week, how about Israel remind the world what Jerusalem was like under Arab occupation when no-one was able to visit Holy sites? Jews weren't allowed to visit the Jewish quarter. How about we follow their example and prevent Palestinians from living in the Muslim quarter?


Maybe you should get the boycotters to boycott Mondi and Sappi for selling paper to Israel ... no placards, no chinese made clothes ... interesting protest it will be.

More seriously, you might want to counter protests with T-shirts or similar saying that you proudly support countries in the middle east that allow freedom of speech, democracy and women's right to vote.

I reiterate, I really don't think you want to go head to head with these clowns, I think you want to point out their idiocy.


Intel Israel

Intel Israel, which considered to be the largest private employer in the country today - with 6,600 employees in its development and production facilities in Haifa, Jerusalem, Kiryat Gat, Petach Tikva, Yakum and Yokneam - began operating in Israel in 1974 with five employees. In 2005, Intel, which is among Israel's leading export companies, registered an export volume of 1.2 billion$ - 14 percent of the sum total of the exports from the country's electronics and information industry.
The future has been developed in Israel for 30 years
Intel Israel serves as an international development center for Intel worldwide. For more then 30 years, the development centers have been making technological breakthroughs that change the face of the computing world.
The achievements in development include the 8088 processor, which was selected to be the "brain" of the first PC, MMX™ technology, and the latest innovation - Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology. With the launching of the first cellular processor, Manitoba, the development center in Petach Tikva assumed its position at the forefront of the cellular communications group in Intel Corporation.

Following the acquisition of the Envara company in 2004, Intel heads the Wi-Max revolution for the future generations of mobile computers and telephones.

In 2005, the acquisition of the Oplus company is expanding Intel's development range into the market of entertainment equipment as well.

I wonder how many of the protestors organised the protest with Zionist occupied Intel Inside PC's. Shame.


Yeah! End the Occupation! We should make T-shirts:

"Jews go home!"


hahaha...ya and give those T-Sirts to the extremist protestors so that they can really articulate what they want.


End the occupation of Gaza by terrorists and the sons of Jordanians etc who came to work in what was then Palestine.
End the occupation of Syria by Allawite minorities.
End the occupation of Southern "Lebanon" which we all know belongs to the biblical land of Israel.
End the occupation of America by European settlers.
End the occupation of Australia by European settlers.
End the occupation of South Africa by Northern Nguni tribes who stole the land from the Bushmen.
End the occupation of (north) Cyprus by the turks.
End the occupation of Jordan by the Hashemite dynasty.
End the occupation of Mexico and South America by the progeny of Spanish Conquistadors ... give it back to the Mayans.
End the occupation of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey etc, give it back to the poor, mistreated, unrecognised Ottomans.
End the occupation of Greenland and parts of Britain by the sons of rapacious Vikings.
End the occupation ...

End the occupation of the media by the Jooz
End the occupation of big business by the Jooz


End the occupation of the banking system by the Jooz.
End the occupation of silicon valley by the Jooz.
End the occupation of the medical profession by the Jooz.
End the occupation of the diamond trade by the

End the occupation of the world by the Zionist Elders, destroy their protocols. Hand control of the world back to the Freemasons and the Illuminati.


how did these places become "occupied"? As i recall neighbouring countries attacked and LOST - how can you declare a war, loose, and then say you want things to be as they were? Is it anymore PEACEFUL sice land was given back from Israel to the PA ?

Hard Rain

Does anyone have any specific details for these rallies beyond what is on that ANC page? Can't seem to find any...


Saw a vague report the other day. But nothing specific. Will Keep on checking and post when I find anything.

I am particularly looking forward to the candle lit vidal. Its so unbelievably cheezy.


Excellent idea Mike. Have a cheese fondue, guitars and a kumzitz (Kumbaya signing etc) accross the street from the protesters and express solidarity with victims of terror all over the world including Pakistan, America, Sri Lanka, Spain, Britain etc.

Pity I won't be there.

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