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May 13, 2007



The result will be is that to prove his 'burn Israel' bona fides, Kasrils will become even more hysterica, poisonous and venomous in his rhetoric against Israel.
I know it is difficult to imagine what venomous hate-speech Ronnie could still come up with, that he hasn't before, remember ronnie always has the ability to surprise-everytime you think he can't get lower or more vicious, he against takes your breath away.
In any rational country, he would be not in the government, but on the margins of political discourse, regarded as a fringe element, but South Africa has become an insane and evil country.


I think he will use this to his advantage to paint himself in the middle ground "See, the radicals on both side oppose me. But those in the middle, like the MRN, support my endeavours."

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