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April 01, 2007



Seriously-is it not possible for a group of us who actually support Israel to write a group letter in support of Israel in the M&G, and renouncing those words of those Jew-hating Jews.
Let us see if they publish it.


This is a really serious idea. Please can I request some response on this site here?
Steve?Mike? Anthony?
Dont ignore this!


Not veryone looks at these blogs but it it time to take astand in our national newspapers. Let SA know that these Not In Name hypocrites do not speak for all South Africans!


Gary, they won’t publish it. And anyway I don’t think 10 of us signing a petition will have any effect. We need tot hink of a much bigger project to show that the vast majority of SA Jews stand firmly behind Israel.


I dont think its worthwhile. If we get a letter from 20 people does that mean there are just 20 supporters of Israel?

I think its pretty obvious that the overwhelming majority of South African Jews do not denounce Israel.


Even if a "group" letter was published in The M&G, Ferial Haffajee
would accompany it with an editorial deriding its contents. She did the
same in response to the outrage at the Kasril's Nazi slur. I don't
think that The M&G is a level playing field!
Re the pro Dugard was inevitable that Dugard would receive
support from a group of anti-Zionist South African Jews.
Mike and Steve... did you see my letter in The M&G? Why don't you write
an editorial about that!


Hi, its me the cynic.
Look, as much as I am as angry as the everyone else about these idiots, writing letters and petitions never helped any cause. You have to accept that the M&G doesn't like us - they are not the battleground to fight this out. This cannot be dealt with fairly in any "Letters to the editor" section of any SA newspaper - they all have an agenda. So my suggestion is this - take a lesson from the guys that tackle the holocaust denyers. When argueing with someone who is lying you cannot win the arguement - ever. He can say whatever he wants and you are limited by the truth. What you have to do to win is discredit him. If this blog wants to arrange something effective then take the most guilty parties M&G, SABC etc - and descredit them - you did it well with SABC. If the M&G has the reputation for being openly biased then a letter in their newspaper means nothing. And maybe, with alot of Help, other newspapers might then not publish such rubbish, not cos they think we're right (no newspaper gives a hoot about the truth), but because they won't want the rep.

Brett Chatz

In order to combat the anti-Israel propaganda in the SA media it is necessary for the pro-Israel lobby to voice its opinion. While the efficacy of pro-Israel sentiment has been questioned, any inaction in this regard is tantamount to acquiescence of the status-quo. That being an undercurrent of anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic opinion.

The age-old debate about Israel being comparable with Apartheid South Africa is as nauseating as it is untrue. The unfair treatment of Palestinians at the hands of Israelis will forever remain the fodder of anti-Israel groups.

My tenure in Israel has allowed me the opportunity to scrutinise first-hand the so-called 'injustices' of the Israeli military juggernaut. I refer critics of the Jewish State's conduct to the reason de atre of its existence - 'To provide a safe-haven for world Jewry, where they may be shielded from persecution.'

The very essence of Israel is its Judaic identity; any attempts to subjugate the Israeli way of life to blatant terror campaigns and wanton destruction will fail. Israel represents Jewish salvation.

At times Israel's conduct has been questionable, but this in an environment of unparalleled mayhem. When the very survival of a nation is at stake, it is sometimes necessary to use unpopular measures to ensure the safety of the populace.

That is not to say that Israel is unaccountable for her actions - on the contrary, Israel faces terrorist groups funded by the likes of Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Democracy is alive and well in Israel - that much can hardly be said elsewhere in the region.

Jewish groups are doing a fantastic job of stating their case in the media. Websites and contributors are making a difference - you had better believe it.

Another fantastic website that presents an up-to-date expose on Israeli developments is

My advice: keep on making a noise it makes a difference!

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