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April 26, 2007


Joel Pollak

This is a great post. I will link to it in the near future...



Thanks Joel. Few better people to receive compliments from.


"Organisations that used more radical forms of violence (ICWU, SACP, PAC) did not come close to achieving the local and international influence and successes of the ANC".
Actually the SACP is the ANC and the ANC is the SACP.
All ANC leaders are also SACP members.
The ANCis a front for the SACP.


What else would explain the ANC regime's extremist foreign policy?


What else would explain the ANC regime's extremist foreign policy?


I believe that the ANC of today is not living up to the ideals of the yesterday.

Govan Mbeki and Mandela were not friends on robben island. they were almost part of two separate nationalist strands within the ANC.

Mandela did not favour Mbeki as his successor. The wrong people today have power in the ANC.


Govan Mbeki was a hardline stalwart of the SACP.


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