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March 27, 2007


The Dictator / Embittered Correspondent

The Antisemitism Report makes no mention of the fact that Kasrils took
his complaint against the SAJR to the Media Review Network. The report
does include a paragraph on The MRN but it fails to make a connection
with the way that Kasrils used it when attacking The SAJR.

When one considers the radical nature of The MRN, Kasril's cynical use
of it was one of the most worrying elements of the wider antisemitic
context. At the time, I found it particularly chilling and I wonder why
the point has not been made in the report.



Why would the SAJBD publicise this report when:

1. The gvt. of the day is clearly not going react in anything like the way the British Gvt has reacted. It is most likely that nothing good would come from publicising the report if strong Gvt. action is being sought.


2. The SAJBD would not, G-D forbid (note heavy sarcasm), give S.African Jews even more reason to leave the country

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