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March 15, 2007


One right does not cancel a thousand wrongs. In some ways, the cruelty and oppression of apartheid Israel is far worse than that of apartheid South Africa


In certain ways the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians has been worse than the apartheid governments treatment of blacks, however you fauil to mention that unlike black resistance which was mostly non-violent Palestinian resistance has been nothing but. You fail to draw parallels between both participants in the conflicts.

And no the right to resistance does not include detonating yourself in room full of people you have never seen.


Obviously neither of you two know anything about Apartheid.


To the first poster on this page:
Have a name? twerp


There is so much extensive and responsible work available on the internet the thoroughly debunks any comparison between aparthied and the Israel-'Palestinian' situation that anyone (Eg. first poster) the still maintains a connection shows himself to be either an absolute moron or blatanlty antsemetic. There are many criticisms to be made of Israel, a comparison with Apartheid is non of them and is demeaning to those who suffered under the oppression in SA.

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