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March 23, 2007



We no longer have to worry about right-wing anti-semitism.
It is left-wing anti-semitism , in the perfidious guise of anti-zionism, that is our main enemy today.


I didn't realise that about Dubai, I think its ridiculous they chose to go there and then leave out the Israeli's.

As bad as the Kiwis coming to SA and leaving out the Maoris!!


"Meanwhile the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign is calling for the match to be cancelled “as Israel is a racist Apartheid state"

Bah - the hate-Israel crowd lives for these events.

The Dictator / Embittered Correspondent

Is the extreme right no longer a threat? Ich don't think so! As Jews,
we can take comfort from the fact that we will always be hated by a
wide-range of political opinion even if one particular ideology
(extreme left) is now in pole position. It should also be remembered
that Islamic anti-semites have been brainwashed by Nazi doctrine and,
as a result, the influence of the extreme right is actually still
Let's hope that Israel qualifies above England and goes on to win The European
Cup( followed by victory in the 2010 Joburg final). Then will
everybody, in Africa and beyond, start to love us?

The Dictator / Embittered Correspondent

If Israel can play soccer in The European Cup shouldn't it be able to
join The European Union? Has the exclusion got anything to do with the
political elites in France and Germany etc not liking Jews?


What I mean is that the anti-Jewish far-right is so marginal and weak that it is only of nuisance value.
There are still marginal and small far right organizations that are against us and are obnoxious, but they are purely of nuisance value and are no longer a threat to our existance, like the far-left are.
It is the bastards of the far left that are in the forefront of demonizing Israel, boycotting Israel, aiding Arab terror against Jews, even going to Israel to help Arabs kill Jews i.e the ISM and Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH).
I haven't heard of anyone from the right actually going to the extent of going to Israel to help Arabs kill Jews, in recent years.


And the saddest thing of all is that the most ruthless and driven Israel-haters in the world, are those born Jewish.
The depth of these 'burn Israel' Jewish born characters' hate against Jews who live in Israel, go's deeper than the worst Neo-Nazis and Islamic extremists.


As regards the 2010 soccer world cup, judging from recent trends, I think that by that time, Israelis will probabely be barred from entering South Africa, even if moderate Arab states have recognized Israel by then.
The ANC/SACP become more fanatical in their hatred of Israel everyday!

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