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March 26, 2007


The Dictator / Embittered Correspondent


I disagree with the quip that the South African govt "has yet to meet a
dictator it does not like."
Last year, at Ronno Einstein's BEYOND VICTIMHOOD Wits lecture, the
great non- physicist branded me " a dictator" when I had the temerity
to try and ask him a tricky question.

He certainly used the term "dictator" in a pejorative sense. I did not feel that he liked me and I doubt that he will invite me for tea when Bob Mugabe next visits.

Just for the record,Na'eem Jeenah of The FXI states that my emails make him puke and Ferial Haffajee (editor of The Mail and Guardian) has requested that I should no longer Cc her. Virginia Tilley has also
given me the cold shoulder.

Jane Duncan (exec director of The FXI) does not respond to my emails but if Na'eem is telling the truth, it is also because they make her puke. You would have thought that freedom of expression activists would
have been made of sterner, stuff but it seems that a bit of linguistic
argy-bargy results in extreme nausea and a rush to the lav.

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