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February 06, 2007



no suprises here, another reason for this co-operation is a shared enemy - the Jews. the SA government is a Nazi government. No getting round it.

have not posted up at IAS for months, but I will fill you in on some things. I am in Israel for now and am right on the border with Lebanon as I type this, I don't mean near the border, I mean practically on top of it. And things are hotting up with Hezbollah, they are establishing more outposts, (flying their flags) right here on the border, while the UN does less than nothing, they have planted bombs on the border road near where I stay, and there is as I type this an IDF operation underway right here, I can hear their helicopters overhead, non-stop for the last hour, (it is 10:47 PM Israeli time) more soldiers arriving near here, Hezbollah are watching every move of the IDF, we can see them and they can see us....


"South African Deputy Foreign Minister Sue van der Merwe spoke of stronger ties to Iran, particularly within the NAM framework, adding that Iran has been instrumental in providing regional stability."
What exactly have they done to provide regional security-support terror by Hezbollah and Hamas, build nuclear weapons and threaten to anihilate another nation?
And SA's sick Satanic government then accuse Israel of threatening world peace when Israel defends itself.
Sick,sick, sick...


Lawrence I just read about what u wrote in jpost.

If you would like to do a detailed article about it. We would love to publish it on IAS.

Is there still stuff going on? Has it been tense there for a while?


President Ahmadinejad's real views are summarized on this website:


Hi Mike, yeah it's been tense for the last few weeks especially. As for the offer re the article, I don't think I personally have enough information to write an article for now, but we'll see what the future holds in store.

Nathan Wolfberg

Its funny how the holocaust survivors have become worse than the nazis. You are a sick people. The SA govt governs in a just manner as compared to Israel. Remember the circle of life.

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