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February 25, 2007



Mike and Steve- Remember I said well over a year ago that SA is part of the Islamic-Marxist Axis, which includes North Korea, China, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Cuba and Venezuela!
You said that I was wrong and that SA could not be clased in that group of nations.
Now you have accpeted the premise I held all along-surely an apology is in order?
I also might add that there are several Arasb countries, like Egypt , Jordan. Morocco and Saudi Arabia, that have called on the PA to recognize Israel. SA has refused to do this.
SA is more radically anti-Israel than these moderate Arab states, and is aligned with the most radical Arab states-Iran, Syria and Libya.
SA has absolutely no credibility whatsoever left to play a role in any Middle East peace process. Better to have Rusia, the EU, Egypt , Jordan. Morocco and Saudi Arabia involved. Anyone but South Africa.


Garry, over the last few months South Africa’s foreign policy has become stridently more anti-Western. While your observation may have been on the alarmist side a year ago, today unfortunately it is probably representative of the situation.

In the next few weeks it is likely that there will be a vote on further sanctions against Iran at the UNSC. South Africa’s vote will be telling. They certainly won’t vote for. But will they abstain or vote against? That will make it clear to all where they actually stand.

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