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February 12, 2007



As Steve has pointed out this ramp will in no way damage Islamic shrines on the Temple Mount. In fact it is meant to improve Mualim and Christian access (not Jewish as Jews are banned under Israeli law from going onto the Temple mount) to this holy site. Diane made a brilliant point yesterday about this whole furore. She pointed out that the only part of the temple mount complex affected by this construction is the Jewish women’s prayer area in front of the Western Wall. Jewish women have had their section significantly reduced. These are the true ‘victims’ of the saga. But because they don’t riot or throw stones at tourist about it, no-one cares.


Interestingly, the BBC website has provided some of the fairest coverage on this.

I wonder if this is a conscious change at the Beeb?

For years, the media-at-large has been very willing to report and often promote, anything said against Israel. In 2002 - Jenin, we saw a definite desire to catch Israel in an abomination. With the benefit of the internet (& blogs) this behaviour is very clear. I believe it goes back a long way and now view the 1982 reporting of Israel's incursion into Lebanon, in the same light.

Greenmamba, thanks for those links. Its amazing how Israel’s image in the West changed. I think the process began before 1982. The first Lebanon war just provided an outlet for this new anti-Israel hate. The problem is that most journalists particularly those on the Left view the world generally and the Israeli-Arab conflict in particular through the prism of colonialism. Thus no actions Israel takes are ever seen as legitimate.

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