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February 26, 2007


Hard Rain

It's become quite clear that this debate was settled in the 70's when the libel of equating Zionism to racism and Israel to Apartheid was flaunted by the USSR and its Arab cohorts. It was smashed back then and it is just as easy to smash now.

Unfortunately, as Jimmy Carter has so eloquently illustrated, the use of the word is an excellent means to stir an emotional response to an issue rather than one of reasoned analysis. He's made it quite clear (and so have others) that they don't care just how much the term is able to equate with reality, they just choose to use it "'cause it's all like powerful and stuff for like the movement."

It's just the A-typical strategy of attacking Zionism and Israel- don't worry about the truth, just go with hyperbole and hollow argument.


Absolutely correct - and the same applies to calling Israel a colonial state. Doesnt stand up to a factual analysis but its an easy way to get the intellectually lazy on your side.


There is certainly extensive discrimination in the Middle East - but it ain't coming form Israel. Pehaps you could draw attention to this, and show the dublicity or hypocricy of some of Israel's critics.


As for those "silly" American students please stop being nice and realise what they are truly about and read the following:

"At an "Israel Apartheid Week" event at City University of New York, after watching a propaganda film, 19-year old Binyamin Rister rose and politely asked the ISM presenters if they supported terrorism. When he received no reply he politely repeated the question. Rather than wait for an answer, CUNY security guards dragged Rister from the room and then repeatedly banged his head against the wall of an elevator and threw him head first down the stairs. Rister's injuries from the assault by campus security required him to be evacuated by ambulance in a neck brace to the hospital.

In an almost identical case at Georgetown last year, Bill Maniaci a 65-year-old retired Jewish American police officer was brutalized by Georgetown security guards after he asked ISM spokesmen if they supported terrorism. He is currently suing Georgetown for $8 million in damages for the assault. According to Lee Kaplan's report of the CUNY event in Frontpage Magazine, there were seven witnesses to the unprovoked attack against Rister. He too has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against CUNY.

Many of those left wing American students are part of the 21st Century's fascists.


See the article at wikipedia on the apartheid accusation. It has an excellent intro with diversity of opinion.

Hard Rain

More horrendous Israeli apartheid today /sarcasm:

"Effective today, and for the first time in the history of Israel, a Druze, Majali Wahba will be both acting president of Israel and speaker of the Knesset (Parliament).

Source: Al-Rafidayn, Iraq, February 27, 2007"



Cynic - I totally hear you.


The problem is not the arguments. It is never difficult to rebut the anti-Zionists' arguments, as they are based on lies, distortions and fakery (which holds true for that invention called, "The Palestinian Nation", as a whole). The problem is those arguments fall on receptive ears, the ears of those who are all too eager to latch onto any excuse to murder Jews (G-d forbid). For that reason, I think that, just as important if not more so than to defend ourselves, to respond to the arguments against us, is to attack our enemies, to demonize the other side (without resorting to fakery, of course--but there's no need, because reality demonizes the other side only too well).

David All

In refuting Carter's piece of trash, two points are important to make:
1). The overwhelming negative reviews of this book by leading newspapers including the leading lights of Political Correctness, the New York Times & the Washington Post.
2). The millions of dollars the Carter Center has recieved from his new found buddies, the Saudis.

Mr. Anonymous

Israel is not just apartheid state. Also controls USA in ways hard to believe. And is the main instigator of wars and terrorism [Mossad assassinated Olaf Palme of Sweden, and created Hamas and Al Quaida]. Israel can GO TO HELL1 [Which is already in hell, anyway]. WE HATE ISRAEL UNTIL IT BECOME PALESTINE!

Carl Muller

I spent a year in Israel. According to my experience it is the only country where I have been in my life where there is nor racism. They have Arabs in parliament and the only thing they presently want to do is keeping the Islamic Jihad out. That is why they build the wall.
We live in the most beautiful country in the world and we have burglar bars. I do hope that Ronnie & friends remove theirs because why do they have it??? Do not criticize a country unless you haver lived in it and experienced their challenges. Israel took in so many refugees after WW11. They housed them, clothed them, fed them and Jews from all over the world paid for that. And they left and lost all their property and belongings in the Arab countries.
On the other side, the Arabs kept the refugees in camps.

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If you honestly believe this, I'm at a complete loss for words to file a comment.

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