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January 23, 2007



South Africa's foreign policy is pure evil.
I don't think the ANC/SACP has yet met a dictator or terrorist they did not like.
Thank G-D SA does not have veto power.
I wish another African country had taken the seat.
Nigeria or Egypt contented against SA for the seat and both are more moderate.


So much for the 'the UNSC seat will make South Africa much more responsible in the arena of diplomatic affairs' argument.


Would South Africa ever decline voting against Israel on a 'techinicality'?
Go figure!


I like the cartoon like picture summary. I hereby call for more of the same type of cutting summations!


I have two questions:

1. Why would anyone believe that the UN is a moral arbiter?
2. Why believe that the UN has any other real objective than unfairly criticising Israel?


I am ashamed of the vile anti-Jewish diatribe of the South African ANC government.
Surely the world must see that the ANC is anti-simetic.
As a English speaking South African, I would be proud to take up arms and help you fight the filthy scum that continue to attack Israel on a daily basis.

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