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January 28, 2007


Joel Pollak

Truly disgusting.

Here in the USA, the lustre has faded from SA's human rights record and students in human rights courses are busy writing long papers attacking SA's stance on HIV/Aids. It is perhaps a matter of time before SA's other positions come under scrutiny.

Whatever world Mbeki, Khumalo and their ilk are living in, it is not one that most thinking people inhabit.

I am inclined to believe that SA's votes at the UN are bought and sold by Iran, much as Japan uses landlocked countries at the International Whaling Commission.


SA at the moment has been treated with kid gloves by the West, depite aligning itself with the rogue regimes of the world.
SA better be careful, because sooner or later. investment will dry up. Why invest in a state that aligns itself with the criminal regimes of the world?
By the way, next time SA go's cap in hand to ask the USA or UK for money, I hope they tell SA to go ask Ahmadinejad and Kim Jung Il.

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