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December 05, 2006




Mufti: "Yes, I hate the Jews as well. Would you like some tea?"


'Your Jews are my Jews'



Dear Jane and Ferial,

You are invited to enter the "caption competition" for The Mufti
/Hitler photograph. It is on the Supernatural blog ( check out
"OBSESSION" editorial /comments)

I wish you both the best of luck with your entry and can assure you
that it will be judged impartially!


Where anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism meet


HITLER : "Did you say muffins and tea?"

Immanuel Suttner

Sorry this is off the thread..please place it elsewhere if you feel it is appropriate.
I'd like to make three points to mull over on the day of stilness, on shabat, the stilness from which all doing and creation emenates.

1)I''d like to start a debate about the BaLemba, the black Jews of Venda. Why are we not talking to them and seeing how we can make them a part of our community. Imagine if the South African Jewish community could grow to include 50 - 100 thousand new members over the next ten years. Not only would it help ensure the viability of Africa's last remaining substantial Jewish community, it would also bring new blood (literally and figuratively) into SA Jewry, and be a more effective response to anti-Semitism than endless polemics. If we will it, we don't have to keep ourselves an irrelevant and vulnerable minority.

2)On another note, why do so many SA Jewish organisations give gifts to their staff at Christmas time. This simply reinforces a culture which is inimical, and sometimes, hostile, to us. It shows how we have been colonised by the dominant culture. I think if we gave gifts to staff on Rosh haShanah or Sukkot or Chanukah it would reinforce that there are multiple calendars, multiple perceptions of time, and spread knowledge of the Jewish calender and construction of time.

Finally, Re Minister Kasrils, he is a little like those apostate Jews in the middle ages, who the church then set to work lecturing to the Jews who had remained Jewish. In those enlightend times the Jews were forced, under threat of violence, to listen to these apostates "proving" that the so called new testament had supplanted the old. Kasrils, if he could, would no doubt like to pass legislation to herd the stiff necked Jews into lecture theatres at universities around the country, and forcibly ram his set of loyalties down their throats, as better and more enlightened than their set of loyalties.

Damm braces and bless relaxes Mr ignore and minimise the insecurities of a people who 50 years ago emerged from the largest industrial genocide the world has yet seen, and to side with the people who today perpetuate and project the same kind of anhilatory racism as those who perpetuated the Shoah (Holocaust), is to cut off and kill a part of yourself. As Begin said of Chancellor Bruno Kreisky "he is a man who hates his own father and mother."

Shal-om shanti shanti and may all mind made polarities end speedily in our days

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